Ronen Gafni: Going All In (Episode 159)

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Topics We Explored:

  • What the three different types of “going all in” are and how you can relate to them
  • How to determine what your vision of creative and entrepreneurial success looks like and knowing when to stick it out and when to pivot
  • Why changing your mindset and the story you tell about yourself is crucial in the self-development process
  • How you can harness the things that come easiest to you into valuable, sustainable income
  • What sufficiency points are and how to use them to find the right level for your business and your life
“The secret is the balance between trusting yourself and trusting the universe.” — Ronen Gafni

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

About Ronen Gafni:

Ronen is a serial entrepreneur who grew up in the StartUp Nation of Israel trading on the stock market, operating a branding company, training companies, and more. He is the creator and founder of FreshBiz, and the FreshBiz game developer as well.

Ronen co-authored The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life and is a visionary global trainer or “business coach,” as many like to call him. Ronen has been featured on TV, radio, and magazines talking about the future of business, and he has trained over 15,000 people across 20 countries on innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. As a keynote speaker and futurist, Ronen masterfully weaves together new approaches to business, education, design, and lifestyle.

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