Where Is the Debt in Your Life? (Episode 196)

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Topics We Explored:

  • What debt can look like in different parts of your life and how to avoid getting stuck in a cycle of debt
  • Why it may be time to declare bankruptcy on the non-financial debt in your life
  • How to work past the shame of being in project debt, especially if there is an emotional attachment to a certain project
  • How turning inward and figuring out your true priorities can help you to get out of various kinds of debt
  • Why learning and understanding your limits can help with managing your debt in the future

“This is why we talk a lot about mindfulness practices, or anything that pulls back this dimension of yourself. It’s one of the hardest places, but simplest places, to start to get out of debt.” — Charlie Gilkey

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Charlie Gilkey

Charlie Gilkey

Author of the best-selling Start Finishing and the forthcoming Workways — http://www.productiveflourishing.com/books. Founder of Momentum — hellomomentum.app.