A detailed insight of the Productivist Scoring System

True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information”.
Winston Churchill

When making a choice, one is inevitably faced with different or conflicting elements. At times this makes us unsure in which direction to go. In business this is often frustrating. The natural approach to decision making is to ask for an opinion from others or indeed, for major company decisions, address the Board of Directors. However there is no guarantee that the right choice has been made. For many “only time will tell”.

In a previous article last week the advantages and reasons for adopting a scoring system driven by blockchain technology was explored. However in this article we will take a closer look at how it works.

For those unfamiliar with Productivist’s blockchain solution, its system could be likened to an intelligent database whereby all client and manufacturer’s information is stored. However, the difference and clear advantage of Productivist’s system is that thanks to the blockchain technology it is not only smart, but also secure and incorruptible. All information will be recorded on smart contracts, firmly locking all data from 3rd party intervention. Productivist’s platform will interrogate, accurately identify and select those manufacturers who match each client’s particular needs. It will carry out this evaluation through the means of a scoring system.

The scoring system is a statistical screening method. Both client and Manufacturer data made available to Productivist will be used to generate a score between 100 and 1,000. Potential risks will be reflected in this scoring system such as level of experience, type of machinery, location client versus location manufacturer, as well as elements such as the reliability of the client, type of industry etc. Those which have similar higher scores, (in other words those which meet the criteria) will be identified as suitable profiles for the required project. The result is a rapid and accurate selection which complies exactly with the client’s preferences; making it effectively highly likely that the client and manufacturer will develop a long-lasting production relationship on mutually beneficial terms.

Just to illustrate this selection process here is an example: A client requires a manufacturer capable of laser sintering (powder printing process) but the work requires to be executed and delivered within a tight deadline. The system therefore will firstly assess the client, by use of a scoring checklist. This list is calculated according to the limits of his requirements and constraints; in this case the client receives a score of 970. Productivist’s system will then in turn interrogate and identify compatible manufacturers for the client by requesting the blockchain to identify relevant information. It will select those manufacturers which have a 970+ score. The score is achieved by the system through prioritization; refining the search according to those who have the required materials, optimum geographical location, and the right availability (in other words they can guarantee to meet the deadline). Once those best suited profiles have been selected and offered to the client, it will be the first manufacturer to take the project which will get the job.