A Perfect Fit : Hand in Glove leading the Manufacturing Revolution

Productivist is not alone in recognising the genius of the Chinese commercial market which is going from strength to strength. Over the past 10 years China has not only astonished but it has also shaken up the Western world. The vast potential of its capabilities and its extremely bright future came into the limelight with astounding alacrity. Standing now a giant, China is a commercial power which has changed dramatically the geography of the world economic climate.

Productivist is a project which embraces this success and is designed to work in synergy with current Chinese market trends in supply chain needs and 3D printing.

With regards to the current supply chain environment, Productivist’s timing can only be described as perfect. Four years ago China identified its supply chain management as a major stumbling block. Its warehouse sector has traditionally been hyper local and extremely fragmented with thousands of providers. Often, low tech and with little automation, up until now, little attention has been paid to e-fulfilment specific operations.

Indeed the e-market is exploding with giants such as Alibaba and TMALL leading the way. In as little a period as 2014 to 2017, e-commerce shoppers increased by 350 million to 600 million and this trend is not expected to change with a prediction that by 2022 a staggering 932 million Chinese citizens will be e-commerce users. However, it is clear that with its current under optimized supply chain, there is a possibility for this prediction may not be met.

Likewise, China’s international manufacturing industry is currently exploding in key areas such as automotive and aviation. However without a perfected supply chain, their international prowess will inevitably be put into question. Suresh Dalai, an expert in Chinese operations in the fashion industry pointed out recently:

“Customers trust a brand that has the products available that they want. If not they will go to the brand next door. Brand equity depends heavily on strong supply chain capabilities”

It is exactly here that Productivist steps in as an ideal partner. With its blockchain technology, Productivist can offer companies a 100% trackable, rapid and secure solution to supply chain management. In a climate whereby the government is preoccupied with IP protection, Productivist answers that market gap. Companies who opt for their system will increase not only their productivity, but their reliability and reputation. In other words, so important to business culture, companies will not lose face by failing to meet delivery deadlines.

Interestingly Productivist’s advantages do not end here and this is why it can be considered as a real partner to the current manufacturing climate in China. As most know, 3D printing is a growing market and is currently an industry being promoted by the ministry of industry and 12 other government departments in China. An action plan for the rapid and sustainable development of additive manufacturing has been devised.

One policy in this Action Plan is preparing the future workforce to be apt by introducing 3D printing in schools techno education. In doing so a mindset and need has clearly been identified and the ever increasing ability to match supply and demand in the 3D manufacturing industry will be quickly established in the next few years. Productivist will offer that extra means to success by ensuring that an ever increasing pool of expertise within its network will be readily available to industry while at the same time assuring good management, an excellent selection process fitting to meet future consumer demands successfully.

As many may be aware, the action government plan also identified pitfalls in the current manufacturing climate such as criminal activities involving the illegal production of goods or manufacturing equipment. Productivist’s technology solves this issue as its service will be highly secure. Thanks to blockchain technology all information provided to complete the manufacturing supply chain process is locked in the system and cannot be abused by 3rd party intervention.

Productivist is a well- researched project and it has huge potential on the future Chinese manufacturing just because it addresses real current issues.

Of course, many will comment that the race is on when assessing 3D manufacturing e-commerce. Companies such as “Made in China” are already proving highly successful. Productivist, however, should not be concerned because it meets a clear market gap and is well ahead of the game. Its concept is unique because it offers a 360° manufacturing supply chain solution whereby companies can easily select a certified 3D printing manufacturer suited to their particular needs, such as production quantity and location. More information about this interesting project can be found on the ICO website : ico.productivist.com