Be Smart and Revolutionize the Future

As technology develops in leaps and bounds, so has our way of thinking. Only a few years ago most people could not imagine that they would be able to watch a film, consult the internet, control their banking and household appliances from a telephone. However, over the past 5 years it has become an integral part of the way we live. The telephone is no longer a device for just oral communication but also a way to rapidly exchange messages and documents, increasing efficiency in the exchange of informed information and the propagation of ideas.

Productivist, after a careful study of the manufacturing industry supply chain needs, has recognised that smart technology will lead the way in industry; improving efficiency at all levels. They have targeted smart technology as a priority. In order to allow connectivity to their service for all hardware, they are creating a smart device which will allow any machine or system to connect to the Productivist Blockchain. This will mean that the client will not only have a remote access to its production schedule, but if “commercial mode” is activated, it will be possible, to send production instructions directly to his machine and fill production time voids without intervention. The solution offers the optimization of production capacities which will bring economies of scale to a saturated market. It will improve communication for each client’s supply chain needs at all times. A bespoke service used to manage the supply chain, this will accelerate its process and reduce any possibility for human error, which often is the cause of inefficiency.

As long as no commercial mode is detected, the use of our blockchain will be completely free. The biggest users, companies or industries, will make a free blockchain by paying for their own private access. The Productivist Blockchain Project will allow the integration of Freelabster into this system as the first brick for commercial use of this blockchain developing the Productivist Solution for bigger manufacturers and their achieving goal to create a map of global manufacturing capacities.

By mining the Productivist blockchain, the usage of the system become free of any fee. The Smart device will integrate a wallet to receive orders and files for the system.

So, Productivist is certainly smart! Their technology will revolutionize industry as we know it today taking supply chain methods to another level. Now is the time to become an integral part of leading the way. You can learn more about this project in their white paper @