Do you want to earn any crypto? Productivist bounty program is now live.

Productivist is pleased to announce the opening of its Bounty Program. Your contributions are highly important to us as they will increase the efficiency of our communication and help spread information about those goals achieved during our business development.

  • Register and track in real time your bounties performances into your Productivist token sale account.
  • As a participant of Productivist Bounty Program, you will be rewarded for writing and sharing posts about Productivist, ProducToken and the ICO, getting feedback on them, adding followers or views on share videos too.
  • A total of 5% of PROD token is allocated to the Bounty Program for an equivalent of 5,000,000€.
  • Campaign period runs from 21/03/2018, to the end of the ICO or once the bounty budget is finished.

Check the links down below for more informations :

Website :

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