From 3D Printing to a Blockchain Solution

The manufacturing industry is facing a sea change. They have of course seen this before but such a dramatic change similar to this one dates back to 1820. This saw the coming of amongst other brilliant inventions, the birth of tool machines. The change this brought over 200 years ago has moulded the centuries which followed and became a major building block to achieve how we live today. The idea of another dramatic advance would seem impossible in 1970.

Technology’s advancements over the last 30 years can only be described as incredible. The goal posts in the manufacturing industry are no longer the same. Where tool making, assembly lines and heavy industry dominated the landscape before, a new eco-friendly way of thinking has been slowing building. One of these techniques (fast growing over the past 10 years) is 3D printing (see medium article). It is now a viable solution in the manufacturing world. From a simple 3D print in ABS to biomechanics, nothing is a challenge to this manufacturing method.

Productivist, born out of Freelabster’s vision, is well aware of this. Its precursor has experienced an enormous success with its extensive network of 3D experts, partnering with major manufacturing market leaders. The next step for Freelabster is a logical one and has come from that market experience where the supply chain is hampered by soaring costs, lack of expertise and a trend of outsourcing to meet the knowledge gap. Productivist will combine its expertise and high-quality network with blockchain technology and in doing so it will provide its clients with a sure way to rapidly identify client needs, match them and manage its supply chain ensuring rapid, efficient delivery delays.

Its existing network of 3D printers will expand thanks to the blockchain. As blockchain goes hand in hand with crypto currency they will introduce the commercial usage of the ProducToken (PROD) as the currency of the platform (see medium article).

Freelabster will offer a new kind of service, where manufacturing capacities are made available to everyone for any kind of project. This new approach of sharing a production force has been made possible by the 3D printing technology and the community. The Productivist Blockchain Project will ensure that Freelabster reaches its full potential. While 3D printing technology grows in quality, this will in turn multiply its possible applications. In the perspective of creating a global model with the Productivist Blockchain Project, Freelabster has already clearly demonstrated how manufacturers can connect to a trusted network and benefit from it. Clearly the advantages of adopting its services are not only manifold but a logical step into the future:

  • Mastering a 3D printer requires experience acquired over time, effort and money. Freelabster’s certified experts are already seasoned 3D printers’ users who will use their experience to provide a high quality service of their clients. Indeed, this tried and trusted network has over the past 2 years successfully printed and delivered more than 100 000 items (generating for its community new revenues and monetizing unused manufacturing capacities). The vital ground work has therefore already been carried out : blockchain technology is just taking this method one step logical step forward.
  • Today, the 3D printing process is often slow; impacted by the level of the order’s complexity and the printing capacity levels of the manufacturer, this distributed manufacturing platform will reduce the time lead and delivery times by splitting orders between numerous printers.
  • Because 3D printing is eco friendly; avoiding the unnecessary waste of materials, Productivist know that this will be a method which will grow rapidly in the manufacturing industry. Their method which combines blockchain technology will take this highly effective method allowing it to be an affordable method for businesses of all sizes and thus it will be an integral part of the empowerment of the industrial revolution 4.0

On the edge of the future, Productivist is teetering on the brink of success and just awaits the validation of its followers to allow it to revolutionize the way the manufacturing industry works today.

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