Governance: Working towards a common goal

“Business is about people, and your reputation is built on how you treat people.”
BRUCE RAUNER (businessman, 42nd Governor Illinois)

In the quote above Bruce Rauner goes to the heart of good business sense. It is just this which plays a central part in whether a business becomes a huge success or not. Investors, customers and employees are the “genetic” make-up of a company’s existence. This is why the moment a company fails to recognise this it is often the start of its downward shoot and failure.

For those interested in investing in Productivist, the good news is that it recognises this fundamental element.

We, as investors, want to know that our selected project will be governed and managed with not only wisdom but also with respect. This is key because where there is money, there are always room for scams and opportunists. There is also the possibility of pure mismanagement of funds: all of which is equally bad news.

Trust, reliability and respect are indeed driving factors in Productivist’s project. Like its “precursor” Freelabster, Benjamin Pestel is determined to follow the same path: maintaining the trust and mutual respect that he has built up over the past two years with his investors, clients and network of experts. Pestel knows that such elements are both part of a good code of conduct in everyday life and also central to the success of a business. Shrewd, determined and respectful, Pestel’s way of doing business is why he has got to where he is today.

Productivist is a well thought out project and has therefore been devised considering all possible hiccups and pitfalls. Guaranteeing good fund management has therefore been carefully prioritised. Productivist will work with a governance foundation to ensure that all investments are well managed and there is a transparency of the token sale custody chain and distribution of ICO proceeds. The foundation and these standard protocols are part of a Global Public Utility and industry self-regulatory function that is needed to align stakeholders and to improve the volume and flow of capital incentives for ICOs. A smart way to ensure that the project is well managed and runs according to plan.

Once the project is up and running it will ensure good trade practices — guaranteeing manufacturers get paid the right amount in FIAT originally quoted. However, it is important to recognise that this will in no way stop the coin to rise in value. Any time a partner joins the ecosystem they will be asked to purchase a significant amount of tokens. The coin will rise accordingly to the business performance of the entire ecosystem.

Two highly important factors to the success of this project. However there is one other, equally important and essential. It is the decision making structure of an establishment: the steering committee. As with all organisations, there needs to be assurance that the decision making process will be democratic. Productivist will be managed by a board of directors. The board will be a balanced mix of clients, advisors and manufacturers ensuring that the decision process has a vision from all angles.

These three elements are essential to Productivist’s success and as indicated are central to their current management strategy. Productivist can confidently invite those potential investors to join their project as they know that all angles have been studied. Integral to its makeup is integrity. It is its promise to those who choose to be be part of this amazing project and key to making it grow and flourish. Indeed, a vital element : its reputation on the market.

It has everything going for it: meeting real industry needs, a sound well thought out governance structure and the drive and vision to make it a success. Productivist is on the path to revolutionise the supply chain structure. It offers an unrivalled manufacturing power and is just waiting to be unleashed! If you wish to know more, consult the whitepaper @