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Sep 24, 2018 · 5 min read

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.”

Victor Kiam (1926–2001), entrepreneur & CEO Remmington

There are so many quotes about missed opportunity — proof of the fact that mankind is often too cautious when faced with the new. The “what if” in life is indeed mankind’s stumbling block. This “what if” is certainly heightened when it involves money making and so it is often followed by “If I had known, I would have”. One thing is sure as Harrison Ford points out “Success is all about choice and opportunity”. A magic combination to make a winner.

As Productivist reaches the end of its ICO, it is certain that there are many potential investors teetering on the brink while they ask themselves if this is an opportunity to be grabbed or not. However, for those who are not aware, time is running out as Productivist’s ICO comes to a close at the end of this month.

The answer to those who are hesitant, is of course yes this project is not to be passed up. It is certainly worth investing in. Everything points to a solid project with a realistic roadmap and a winning idea. Its white paper sets out an original and feasible concept: one which is certainly required within the manufacturing world today. A supply chain solution, this project seeks to perfect a system which is far from perfect today. Who has not experienced delays in their orders, wrong delivery or “never” delivery dates? These just some of the issues which hamper the manufacturing world today and can often be at the source of why a company fails.

Its feasibility, however is not just this, and thankfully so because a good opportunity must have manifold positive aspects. This project is one will which will certainly reduce the industry’s costs by simplifying the unnecessary long chain of communication which often is presently required for one transaction. We all know, indeed, that the supply chain can sometimes be compared to “Chinese whispers” whereby often the conversation thread becomes lost in translation or similarly so by an excessive exchange of emails. The outcome is inevitably costly for those involved but not only that, it is undoubtedly frustrating propagating inefficiency and the de-motivation of staff.

Today, in a world whereby people are used to instantaneity; a clear outcome of our one “push button” world, this can only be positive. Indeed our mind-set has flipped to expect results on pressing “enter”. Everything is one click away. Or so we feel it should be. With Productivist the supply chain will be accelerated thus increasing customer satisfaction and indeed customer fidelity. Productivist recognises that the greater the competition the more there is a need to continually improve and encourage the fidelity its customer. At the heart of this is quality and efficiency, Productivist will certainly provide a significant tool for companies to ensure this is the case with their use of blockchain technology which assures against human errors such as double orders and uncalculated delivery real-time delivery dates. It will also ensure quality with its quality network of 3D printing experts.

The positivity of this project does not end here. Productivist’s vision is a full recognition that 3D printing and modelling is the future of manufacturing. Its focus on this technology is not only shrewd as it is a confirmed fact that over the next years it will be pivotal to the development of the manufacturing industry. Efficient 3D printing has been long in coming. At first seen as merely an unattainable highfalutin idea, it has now come to the forefront as a feasible production technique for many of the big names. It goes without saying that the more cash freely available from the big conglomerates, has advanced the technological pathway of this method. However, the manufacturing is moving to the next stage. One could argue we are at the same threshold seen in the evolution of the i-phone to smartphone. Productivist will promote the accessibility of this important technology so that it is not just reserved for the bigger fish. For the 3D industry to progress appropriately the industrial popularisation is certainly an important factor which will encourage its continued development and creativity. We have seen an amazing progression in its uses from simple car parts to complex biotechnology and it will certainly not end here. The future of 3D printing is part of the industrial revolution which the manufacturing industry is experiencing. Its combination of smart technology and on the edge manufacturing methods can only be a winner.

As more and more companies desire quality at lower prices; Productivist will allow a leaner work force; reducing the need to outsource which often causes a lowering in the standard in the quality of their products and services.

There are many more reasons why this project is a winner but the above is a good start! Indeed, the positivity which exudes Productivist’s concept points to the fact that it is a good investment choice. In other words, an opportunity to be grabbed. Victor Kiam‘s words are very true and they repeat themselves in all our lives sometimes scattering disarray in all levels of an individual’s future. Whether personal or professional, we have all experienced the disappointment caused by procrastination.

Amazingly determined, Kiam had the ability to be swift to grab the opportunities which crossed his path and devise new innovating ideas. His vision, and ability to take measured risks is certainly at the heart of the longevity of his success. It is indeed the secret behind most success stories. It is with these words that I leave you to ponder on and I hope they encourage you to take the opportunity to read through the Productivist whitepaper. If, indeed you are a part of those investors “teetering on the edge” to invest in this great project, now is the time to be part of it and join those other entrepreneurs who have quite rightly put their faith in the wealth to be gained in blockchain technology within the supply chain.


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