Productivist PROD token on DDEX

“It might make sense to get some in case it catches on”
Sataoshi Nakamoto, January 17, 2009

Nearly ten years have gone by since Nakamoto was quoted to say this and over these past ten years it has not only caught on but it has also evolved. The way we deal with crypto currency today has certainly changed over the past years.

It is because of this that Productivist is extremely happy to announce that the PROD will be listed on DDEX. For those well versed in crypto currencies you will know that this is excellent news and indeed a true indication that Productivist has its future investor’s needs close to its heart. However, perhaps for those new to the ‘game”, the phrase which may come to the tip of the tongue is: “So why’s that a big deal?”

The answer cannot be summed up in one sentence as DDEX has numerous advantages. It primarily provides traders with a more secure manner in which to do trade. DDEX is a hybrid digital decentralised secure exchange for etherum based tokens. (EC20s) This extremely easy to use exchange facilitates peer to peer trading (P2P) and one of its major advantages is that there is no need to share personal information (such as address, name). It is because of this that the risk of phishing or being affected by a phishing is dramatically reduced

Since its development it has had, for many, a reassuring effect during the trading transaction process making it less fraught with the worry of encountering theft or fraud. Additionally, it has the advantage that it does not have a lock up period or any fees to withdraw or deposit funds. Indeed this de-centralised exchange does not only prevent theft but it also can help to save time and money.

DDEX, like any bright idea, has its rivals such as Barterdex and SingularX. However compared to them DDEX is certainly more attractive. The company could only be described as being “long in the tooth” as far as its digital experience is concerned with over 10 years of experience behind it. Unlike most decentralised exchanges (which have the reputation of being excessively slow) DDEX’s hybrid technology is very rapid and efficient. It is also designed to allow trading directly from your wallet. With an easy to use interface, DDEX makes it easy to visualize and analyse different tokens in the current market and lists popular token pairs immediately. Reliable and efficient, it’s just because of this that Productivist’s PROD can be found in its listings

So, the advantages are numerous. A smart way to trade and for those unseasoned traders amongst us, it is certainly worth exploring. To use DDEX there is no need to register an account. It is a simple matter of installing and connecting your metamark wallet to the exchange.

Here we have it then : a simple, efficient and secure system, reflective of Productivist’s own ethos. It is no wonder, therefore, that Productivist are delighted that they are now listed on DDEX.

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