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Productivist is cutting through the fog around the blockchain

Blockchain technology” is a buzzword. Popular in technology magazines, but for the general public, something which is not fully understood. Just like the coming of the internet, the email and software, there is a haze which surrounds it. Furthermore its complexity is increased when put alongside crypto currency’s such as bitcoin. It is, indeed, a critical moment for this technology as the haze diminishes and interest increases on the huge advantages it can bring to improve the way we work. Acknowledgement of this technology’s worth is snowballing and Productivist is at the head of the game.

Productivist quickly recognised its sheer potential when applied to the manufacturing industry’s supply chain and how it can meet industry’s real needs. It will be the first peer to peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities. By the very fact that Blockchain technology stores blocks of information that are identical across its network, it has the huge and unique advantage that it cannot be controlled by a single entity. It has no single point of failure. Functioning by a state of consensus it is a self-auditing ecosystem of a digital value. By using blockchain, Productivist will secure the supply chain. Indeed, it is currently a risky business transferring confidential company data, patented designs across the supply chain. IP protection has been a real issue in the manufacturing process. Companies often struggle experiencing patenting costs and, in many cases, expensive court cases. Productivist’s usage of blockchain will offer industry with unbeatable security in their supply chain.

Productivist’s blockchain make transactions untraceable, anonymous and unhackable

However it is not just about security because, like all forward thinking ideas, the benefits are manifold. Productivist will ensure that companies have access to their substantial network of trusted 3D printing and modelling experts. The Blockchain will calculate and match client production requirements in terms of machinery, production capacity and time. This network has the required expertise, which is often not available in-house, to assess the project, its needs and the suitable method of manufacturing while avoiding time spent on the manual exchange of information which at times is not sufficiently accurate.

It in turn will solve the complexity of monitoring production capacities on several sites. It will enable an unbeatable tracking system for all sizes of companies which will supply companies with live tracking. Open and free for both clients and manufacturers, all server fees will be paid for by the marketplace. It will be integrated with a smart device connecting users. The precision of blockchain’s live tracking will facilitate complex orders, multiple clients, geographically distant production sites.

Productivist’s well thought out plan does not stop there because there are numerous more advantages which can be found in their white paper ( However, for a start this is not bad! Productivist will be a leader of its time, simplifying a process which has become more and more complex and revolutionizing manufacturing as we know it today.


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