What is Manufacturing 4.0 ?

Manufacturing 4.0

The manufacturing revolution 4.0 is the logical result of the connected world which we live in today. Its impact on the future will be as dramatic as that of the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s where the beginnings of atomisation was born. The huge possibilities that it will bring us, are undoubtedly once more changing our mindsets and way we live each experience. The scope for the technologies this revolution encompasses in terms of automation; cyber physical systems, cloud computing and cognitive computing is currently inestimable Who would have believed in the possibilities of Smart technology five years ago? Indeed automation has been taken to another level, reducing costs for many companies and encouraging change in the way we use machinery. That is why, it’s smart to be not only part of the experience but a leader and innovator; at the forefront of these exciting changes.

A word integral with the phrase Manufacturing 4.0 is the word “blockchain”. The concept has been developing over a number of years but its possibilities in manufacturing are vast. Facilitating a management of supply and distribution, blockchain production guarantees that the customer receives the precise service that he requires according to the client’s own criteria.

Productivist, along with many others on the edge technologies and industries have seen the huge advantages this will bring. Their vision will take 3d printing and modelling services onto a new level. Currently the manufacturing world has reached a point where the only solution to prevail is heavy investments, relocations and aggressive management. Productivist, wishes to offer an open, free and global alternative through using blockchain technology. The project aims to create an open data stream where private individuals and companies of any scale will contribute to the power of this Industrial Revolution.

Since blockchain was conceptualized in 2008 its enormous potential has become more and more apparent. Indeed its recent success is a silent acknowledgement that the world is ready to explore the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the management of the data stream which governs it. However, as indicated, the full potential of this awakening has yet to be implemented across the industries. Blockchain production in the 3D printing industry will ensure manufacturing and distribution are done effectively and with precision. The concept will allow companies to be more in control of their production, distribution and quality which is often a stumbling block for large scale projects.

It is clear that trends of manufacturing 4.0 can only move forward in a positive way breaking new grounds and leading the way to facilitating the way we work.

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