Why we are the best for this project

“If there’s a proven track record, the odds are higher that success can be repeated. This is what we investors always hope for.” ― Ziad K. Abdelnour, CEO Blackhawk Partners

Have you already experience in this field” is a phrase which comes up frequently in the early years of a promising career. Often viewed at the time as a highly annoying phrase; plaguing the onset of a beautiful career and pushing some to believe that reaching the zenith of their ambition will be nothing but a distant dream, it is indeed the unavoidable question in a first job interview and a reality with, according to the NACE Job Outlook 2017, a startling 91% of employers preferring that their candidates have work experience, and of this total 65% prefer their candidates to have relevant work experience.

Although this may seem highly incomprehensible to a student fresh out of college, there is definite logic behind it. It is, indeed the level of the skillset in a workforce which ensures a standard is maintained helping to guarantee a high level of productivity, synergy and in turn profitability. It is key to building an effective workforce and in turn a successful business. Their proven track record in their field is a promise to their future employer that they are capable of executing their job.

Many may wonder what relevance the above has when exploring Productivist : the first peer to peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities. It is, however, an extremely pertinent way of exploring why they are the best suited candidate to lead the way in changing the face of manufacturing. It is essentially prior experience which can be a large factor in the making or demise of a project. Success is firmly hinged on the right expertise and experience. There needs to be an immediate match of experience in a domain to be able to ascertain those pertinent needs and strategies to move forward. Success cannot purely rely on a well-designed product or a feasible idea. Without the right experience to the drive it, the decision process is a compromised one as it will be insufficiently responsive or agile enough to perform.

Productivist’s promise is to offer a real solution to manufacturing which will revolutionize the current decentralized, highly expensive and at times inefficient manner in which the manufacturing industry functions today. A fine concept, full of innovation making it an extremely attractive one to back. However, what makes it certain that Productivist is the right “man” for the “job” in other words how can we be sure that it will be developed by them to be a lasting concept? Will Productivist be an investment which will bring fruit to those who invest in its development?

The answer is clearly a unanimous “yes.” Productivist already has credible experience in the manufacturing industry making it the perfect candidate for the “job”! Unlike many projects on the ICO market today it is not just simply another innovator amongst many of the high risk projects, it is a strategic, well thought out concept devised and driven by its prior experience in the manufacturing industry. It will certainly survive the test of time and be a success.

Productivist takes its experience from its precursor; Freelabster. Its founders, Benjamin Pestel, Stan Gobert and Melissa Igbi, who are at the helm of Productivist, were inspired to take the next logical step forward in 3D printing and modelling by using the experience and expertise developed in Freelabster.

Founded in 2016, Freelabster has proven itself as an excellent business model. An interactive platform which brings consumers and 3D printing experts together on a virtual market place, the concept is based on that of tendering. The consumer will present his project to the marketplace and Freelabsters are invited to tender thus propagating competition; making the pricing more attractive to the consumer. This concept is highly advantageous to their 3D printing experts offering them an extended marketplace to do business on. One of the clear advantages of this system is that, not only can the consumer have his project done locally, but also the consumer is able to take advantage of an impressive network of experts with on the edge technology and methods without incurring manpower and machinery costs. It is a quick, reliable, quality service making it an obvious choice.


Over the past two years Freelabster has built up an impressive network of over 10,000 3D printers and 3000+ experts ready to advise and manufacture client orders. The company has experienced rapid and sustained growth and is now a European market leader in collaborative 3D printing. Indeed, the platform has paved the way to the next steps in industrial manufacturing, distribution and management. With strong partnerships (such as Boulanger; a multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer) it is accustomed to handling large scale projects and meeting the specifications of the manufacturing industry.

So Productivist starts on a winning foot with a powerful, quality printing network behind it as well sound knowledge of manufacturing needs. Through the use of blockchain technology, it will address the manufacturing industry’s need for change. Its goal : to provide a service which offers its clients a bespoke, “in-house” service while ensuring a careful and accurate control of the supply chain. Productivist will address soaring local manpower costs, help avoid investment in specialised machinery (such as moulding) or the upkeep costs of in-house 3D printing technology. It will guarantee tight management eliminating those measures taken to correct human error as well assuring complete IP protection. Key to this concept is the proven track record that Freelabster provides handing down to Productivist a tried and tested element in its genetic makeup.

It would be naïve and simplistic to believe that success is certain if it is backed by experience. Success is a magic recipe. As mentioned earlier, there is a 9% of candidates, who are taken on-board without experience or the right skillset in their required field . The risk taken in significant. However in business, risk is also a key factor to survival and industry progression and it is exactly such risk which ensures the right dynamic in a workforce.

While the interviewer takes a clear gamble buying in to an individual with little or no prior experience, he or she has done so because the interviewee’s response has impressed and incited confidence in another way persuading them that he or she has the capability to grasp new concepts and thus develop and grow bringing over time a vital element to the team. Indeed, more than often it is just such candidates who will later become employees who lead, take measured risks, and propagate agility, creativity and competence within a team. Such characteristics are essential in business today and while some will not progress, such individuals will often excel later as they evolve quite simply because they have not only a high level of experience, but they have that natural determination, creativity, foresight and ability to take measured risks and lead. Those teams which have both these elements are the leaders in industry today.

Productivist ‘s founder Benjamin Pestel recognises that to win it’s not just simply about experience. It is also about the creativity and adaptability which is born out of that 9% His team has been handpicked. All of its members have many years of expertise behind them in their field. They have been shrewdly recruited to develop a balanced team of industry and blockchain experts. A great emphasis has been put on the synergy and quality of its team. The result is a proficient multi-national team, which recognises the cross cultural idiosyncrasies each new market brings, and has an understanding of its future clients; a winning team. A team filled with innovation and imagination. The magic recipe simply because it has the mind-set of that 9% : an agile, imaginative, determined team who are strong believers in their project.

Productivist Team

In conclusion, the arguments are all positive. Productivist can look its “interviewer” in the eye and say quite definitely that it has the right experience and skillset to be best for the job but it can also offer more: one which is creative and has foresight to what the future will holds.

Productivist has indeed all the solid arguments as to why it will out-perform expectations and can be considered confidently as one which will be a market leader in the manufacturing industry. The proven track record of Freelabster “can be repeated” meaning that it will bring to the table everything that “investors always hope for”.

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