Are you smart enough to take on this habit for real?

Don’t keep living in the gap between knowing and acting.

You can have the best productivity system in the world — your inbox can be completely empty, your contextual to-do lists perfectly synched between every device — but if you don’t have priorities right, you’ll still feel uneasy.

However, if you take some time to prioritize your focus for the day, you’ll see several related benefits:

  • You’ll have a better sense of how much time to allot for the task. In the process of setting your intention, you naturally think through what it takes to reach it.
  • Distractions will have less power to derail you. Of course problems come up, and as a leader it’s part of your job to solve them. Solving them appropriately only happens if you understand the context. You’re more likely to delegate effectively and stay within scope if you understand what your priorities are.
  • That sense of uneasiness will diminish. You’ve made a decision to focus.

This is powerful intention setting at it’s best. And best of all, it’s not magic and it’s not a “secret”. It’s simply a good habit that makes your day better.

A personal coach can keep you accountable for setting priorities each day AND give you important perspective.

As you build this habit, you’ll add accountability: did you execute on those priorities? If not, was it a problem with the priority or with the execution? Do this practice consciously and you’ll begin patterns that reveal places where you can be more effective than you ever imagined.

A lot of people KNOW they should be doing this, but they still don’t. And they know that hiring a coach could help them, but they don’t.

Know what they’ll be doing this time next year?

Probably the same thing they’re doing now.

If you’re enlightened enough to make a change, start with this habit and watch how things begin to shift.

We bet this year will take you places you never imaged.

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