Going It Alone is Crazy

Get Success Faster with Support and Accountability

Write a business plan. Increase sales. Launch a sales portal.

If you’ve got hustle, you’re probably working to build a business.

But, like a lot of us, you might find it hard to make progress.

That’s because you’re trying to go it alone.

Waiting until you’re a successful entrepreneur to hire a business coach is just crazy. You’ve got the ideas, you’ve got the hustle — now get the support to make it happen.

Nigel Cook is an experienced business coach, and we’re featuring him today because his clients make tangible progress on their business projects.

Here’s what Nigel’s coaching clients have told us about working with him:

“Nigel helped me with prioritizing projects and Getting Things Done with my business launch. My favorite thing was waking up every morning with an encouraging, accountability message from Nigel. He listens and understands me very well, and was able to get me moving forward with my priorities! As a fellow entrepreneur, he understood my struggle to prioritize. Nigel is the one to go to when it comes to helping sort out what needs to be done first.”
“Nigel is a fantastic business coach! He is responsive and on the ball. Highly recommended.”

Nigel is an expert business coach who will help you set the right goals for maximum impact — and then execute on them.

Hire Nigel today for one-on-one private chat coaching and you’ll get personal help for prioritizing your business goals, with daily accountability support to ensure you take action with impact.

Be one of the first 6 people to respond and get a week free by using promo code WEEKWITHNIGEL.

Offer expires Oct. 21, 2015.

Note: Nigel has a limited number of coaching slots available. If the promo code doesn’t work, it means that the first 6 have already responded to this offer. You may still be able to hire Nigel at the usual rates, with a free 3-day trial, until his coaching slots fill.

Regular priced coaching is $19.99 per week or $64.99 per month — you save more than 25% by subscribing by the month!

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