Control What You Respond to — and When

Did you think Inbox Zero was about email? This coach knows better.

Today, we’re going to get you started with a great coach for “Inbox Zero”. But first, we have an important question:

What does this woodpecker have in common with the productivity technique “Inbox Zero”?

Photo by Ken Thomas

Answer: They both have exceedingly misleading names.

That’s a Red-bellied Woodpecker. Here are the field marks used to identify a Red-bellied Woodpecker: a red nape, gray face, and a white patch in the wings as it flies. Note anything missing?


Oh, those crazy ornithologists.

Inbox Zero is also a misleading name for a practice that’s really about how to work more effectively, using email and to-do lists as they were designed to be used.

Today’s coach, Andrew “Duff” McDuffee, knows exactly how to help you hone in on an inbox zero process that focuses on giving you proactive control over your day.

We want you to try “Inbox Zero” with Duff so you’ll have this superpower for mastering your daily workflow.

Here’s what Duff told us about the common misconception that Inbox Zero is about a tidy email account:

Andew “Duff” McDuffee

It’s not about “getting it all done.” That is literally impossible. It’s about deciding and acting in a stress-free manner, fully acknowledging what you choose to do and not do.

Inbox Zero is about gaining control over what things you choose to respond to, so that you can think more deeply about what is important to you and do THAT.

You’ll celebrate that wonderful “inbox zero” state with Duff. More importantly, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat, doing work that’s important to YOU.

Your pristine inbox may stay that way for but a fleeting moment. But we bet you’re never going to see that woodpecker’s red belly, either.

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