Go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Write a brilliant business plan — faster than you ever dreamed!

Got a great idea for a startup? Looking for funding to take your side hustle full time? Or are you wanting to give your current business a bigger reach?

You need to move from being a wantrepreneur to being an entrepreneur.

Joel Ordesky knows how to move you into action so you can finish a killer business plan — without wasting time on all the fluff that can ultimately block you from getting that plan done and in front of the right people.

Joel managed operations for companies with revenues in excess of 35 million before starting his current ventures focused on executive networking and strategic business planning.

He’ll help hold you accountable for getting your business plan finished. You’ll feel confident in knowing the next task to complete, and you’ll make progress faster than you thought possible.

Our founder and CEO, Tony Stubblebine, wrote this about his own experience as a “wantrepreneur”:

[A] wantrepreneur…is the person who talks about starting a business and who begs you to take their idea seriously. If you’re polite, you do take them seriously — until you realize that the wantrepreneur is never going to actually launch their idea (or even start building it).
There are tons of these people hanging around startup communities. They talk about their big ideas and how, if they can just get funding or find a co-founder or save a bit more money, then they are going to leave their well paid corporate job and turn their idea into the biggest thing the world has ever seen.
I used to look down on this person. But then I remembered that I was that person. Twice.

We know from experience that the right support can move you from being a wantrepreneur to becoming an entrepreneur. Put Joel’s expertise to work for you today by hiring him as your personal business plan coach.

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