Get a Bulletproof Edge on Your Diet

Get free coaching on this popular low-carb eating style

You need to choose the eating plan that works for you.

For some people, that’s a low-carb type of plan like the Bulletproof Diet.

Hundreds of users have found that the Bulletproof eating style helps them lose weight, get fit, and eliminate emotional rollercoasters.

If you’re a fan of Bulletproof, or if you think you might be, this deal is for you — read on. (If not, we’ll have a better deal for you next time. Promise!)

Ben Whittle became an expert on the Bulletproof Diet by learning how to to apply it to his own life.

If you’ve ever thought about Bulletproof but had questions about the type of foods, preparation methods, or ingredients, Ben can answer those questions quickly and get you on track with prepping or choosing your meals. And he specializes in helping you maximize your willpower.

“I have had much experience experimenting with different diets,” he told us. “Thankfully my own experience matches and backs up the science and nutritional research on willpower and self-control.” Ben will help you apply that same science to your own eating plan.

Ben’s clients rave about the progress they make with this approach:

“Ben has helped me considerably with adapting to the Bulletproof Diet. He seems to have been through most of the problems himself and so it was useful to have his experiential advice there. Also his knowledge of the science behind the diet has sustained my focus.” -Hugo
“My goal was to break through a Bulletproof diet plateau. Ben has an excellent understanding of the principles and was able to share his knowledge to help me. He kept me motivated and on track each day.” -Tracey

There’s never been a better time to see if the Bulletproof Diet can give you the edge.

For the next 72 hours: use promo code WEEKWITHBEN and get a week of free coaching.

Regular priced coaching is $19.99 per week or $64.99 per month — you save more than 25% by subscribing by the month!

Offer expires October 25, 2015.

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