Get the Skills that Take You to the Leadership Circle

This HR expert can help you move up the ladder…or move out into a brand new future.

The skills you build early in your career set you up for leadership later. But many organizations don’t train new leaders at all. And if they do, they send you to boring, generalized management courses that seem to have little to do with the real world. Impact Leadership Coaching is different. You get executive coaching on specific skills that you must have to succeed — but you learn them in context. Coaching is completely personalized and tailored to the situations you encounter every day at work.

Today we’d like you to meet Claire Millard. She’s one of our top leadership coaches, and she’s available to take on four new clients right now.

This is a unique opportunity to be coached by someone who knows exactly what you need to do to move up the career ladder. If you’ve been thinking about applying for our Impact Leadership Coaching Program but have felt a little uncertain about where your career is going, Claire is the perfect coach for you. Her experience in HR and recruiting means she knows exactly what qualities companies look for when they want to hire leaders.

Get her personal expertise combined with our Impact Leadership skills program and you’ll make some powerful career moves.

Here’s Claire:

“From global corporate to bootstrapped startup, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ‘woah-don’t-even-go-there’ of business. I love coaching individuals at all career stages to help them be passionate, visionary leaders, who can connect (and maybe even have fun) with their colleagues, customers and communities.”

The essence of our coaching is to focus on the applied skills. Claire will work with you to teach the skills you need and then apply them. And you’ll get her custom coaching on the challenges that you personally encounter on the job. This is one-on-one private coaching via chat on the web or on your phone. It’s there when you need it.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Effective Communication
How to navigate difficult topics, set expectations, advocate for your ideas or team, give feedback, and resolve conflict.

Meeting Mastery
No more boring meetings, okay? Quit wasting everyone’s time and learn the secrets of how to lead and facilitate dynamic meetings that move your projects forward.

Prioritizing for Impact
Learn how to focus your time and energy on what’s most important. IMPACT!

This is a unique opportunity to get leadership coaching from someone with a deep understanding of executive recruiting. If you’re interested in coaching specifically to grow your career, do not delay: Claire’s experience AND our leadership coaching program is an unbeatable combination and slots will fill fast!

You get a free 1-day trial to get to know any Impact Leadership Coach. Leadership coaching is $249 per month.

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