Master Your Mind’s Ability to Focus

Get the superpower to overcome distractions

Successful, confident people have a certain quality that we often call “presence.” A person with presence is a master of their own attention; they aren’t easily distracted. We say they have “presence of mind.”

There are stronger demands on our attention every day. If you have trouble dealing with distractions, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you can build strength against these demands! Meditation is strength training for your attention.Better attention and focus can make every part of your life better.

As a person with ADHD, Nathan Sudds found that the meditation habit he developed using was invaluable in his personal and professional life. He learned techniques that worked especially well for him — and noticed great benefits. He’s a coach himself now, and has developed quite a following with clients who also sometimes struggle — at first — to meditate regularly.

Nathan provides accountability, gentle reminders, and advice for choosing a meditation format that works. Here’s what one of Nathan’s clients had to say about working with him:

“I was struggling with a lack of focus and didn’t know what might help me — regular meditation practice just didn’t seem to work for me before and I felt like a nothing would help me.
“But Nathan introduced me to a few techniques I didn’t know about or just hadn’t considered before. And it worked, to my surprise. He was able to understand my case and apply relevant practices that was helpful to me.
“Nathan is an easygoing and insightful coach and I definitely recommend him to everyone who is struggling with a lack of focus, ADHD or simply wants to start or continue meditation practice.”

If you have trouble managing your attention, for whatever reason, we’d love for you to try meditation. Here’s how you can get started:

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