10 Essential Lessons On Happiness We Can Learn From Buddhism

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on October 26, 2015.

Not only do you become happy, you find your purpose.

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Buddhism, one of the most geographically isolated cultures in the world, is the guardian to the secrets of becoming truly happy. The well-preserved wisdom of these teachings root from ancient traditions of the enlightened one. Buddhism is the greatest treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom, teaching people how to influence the mind from the inside out.

The simple and intriguing teachings of Buddhism maybe old but they are applicable to us, even in these modern times. Here are 10 lessons to help us with our pursuit of happiness.

Get Intimate With Your Own Mind

The one thing we need to become happy is being aware of our mind. Modernity has caused us to disconnect with our thinking and we lose touch with ourselves. By practicing meditation, we become one with the mind.

Practice Compassion

We should have compassion for all beings without exceptions to gender, caste, race, or religion. Everyone has faced suffering in their lives and an action of kindness can change the way they feel.

Live In Peace

Society is so unaccepting of people who are different or people who make their rules. By ignoring what separates us, we are inclined to like the person for what they are and not how society decides to define them.

Embrace Death

We are so consumed by fear that we are willing to give up things and not take risks. We can’t come to terms with our mortality and the order of nature. By holding onto things we can’t control, we live a life of stress and illusion.

Travel More

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We are bound by societal goals of getting a big house, getting married, and having kids. We put off our travels for future goals but traveling and experiencing these journeys helps us expand our values and our thinking.

Thoughts Become Things

As human beings, we think about everything and most of them remain as thoughts in our mind. When we voice our thoughts or act on it, happiness follows us around like a shadow.

Give Up Labels

We are defined with the labels society and cultures dictate upon us. Sometimes, we are guilty of creating our distinctions to separate us from others. When we give up these labels, we are freed of rules and happiness is easier to access.

Actions Count More Than Words

It’s easy to speak but acting on those words is what makes all the difference. To be great and to experience happiness as a constant in our lives, we need to exercise those words into actions.

Walk Your Own Path

Many of us are concerned about the opinions of people and the judgements they pass. We are so occupied with being accepted, we forget to stand out and follow what truly makes us happy as individuals.

Connect With People Who Support You

Image Source: The Spirit Science

When we surround ourselves with negativity, our lives reflect the choices we make. By connecting with people who are supportive of your interests, likes or dislikes, we don’t feel the need to put on a mask to be happy.

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