10 Simple Ways To Happiness from Calvin and Hobbes

1. Think Simple

Complicating your thinking is an open highway to unhappiness. It may be your plans for the weekend, your career path or maybe even the car you want to buy, or the kind of relationship you want to be in. Just cut your plans down to the simplest form and take a short-cut to happiness.

2. Let go of Responsibility Once in a While

Everyone likes to be in charge to make sure things go exactly as planned. This way responsibility increases as well. You may even feel the need to provide your presence at every place and time. Letting go of responsibility lets you ease the pressure on yourself, simply because you deserve some time out too.

3. Respect Nature

The world is getting more and more urbanised as you read this. Playgrounds and forest areas are being taken away to make room for cityscapes and so-called progress. But what this is also doing is that it’s taking away an important part of our lives on earth as animals, at the end of the day, that’s what we are after all.

4. Stop Overthinking

What about my relationship? What about my career? What about my next raise? Overthinking doesn’t really help anyone or anything, it just loads your mind with unwanted thoughts and often leads to negativity. Take it easy, whatever will be, will be. Life has its way to take you were you want to go.

5. Learn to Find Magic Everywhere

The best things in life are often found in the most unlikely places. On a good day, a simple home-cooked meal has the power to beat an elaborate meal in a fancy restaurant. Throwing stones in a river could be way more satisfying than walking about in a high-end mall. Magic is everywhere, you just have to find it.

6. Immerse Yourself in What You Do

If you watch closely, children never do anything half-heartedly, if they like something, they jump into it completely, whole-heartedly. There’s an intangible joy in immersing yourself totally into what you’re doing. First of all, the job gets done better, and most of all, you feel satisfied and happy.

7. Relish your Food

Get comfy, chomp loudly, drop the fork and knife and use your hands for a change. Truly enjoying the food you eat is a great way to feel connected to life. Food is what sustains life after all. So don’t be shy, just get into the grub you love, eat like no-one’s watching and chomp your way to happiness.

8. Dance your Blues Away

Dancing is a great exercise that’s packaged in the form of fun. So find an open area in your house, cue your favourite tune, call a few friends over, crank up the volume and dance like there’s no tomorrow. A few verses into the song and you’ll realize that you’re already a few steps closer to happiness.

9. Enjoy the Moment

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. So it’s always a good idea to sit back once in a while, breathe easy and enjoy the moment as it arrives. No rushing to the finish line or trying to edge past anyone — just you and the present moment — waiting to be enjoyed to the fullest.

10. Explore More

Go for an early morning walk. Or a run. Get your camera and click a few new pictures. Take a bus to a new place. Go trekking with your friends with basic essentials. Break out of the cubicle, get out of the box — step outside your comfort zone you’ll start to discover a whole new side of the world — and yourself.

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