10 Useful Tips To Make Your Lunch Break Productive

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on October 15, 2015.

Take some time out to enjoy your lunch break.

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For most people who are trying to make the most of their time, lunch involves going to a nearby fast food place and passively chewing on a sandwich while scrolling through emails on the phone. It’s not really a break, but an opportunity to get more done while taking care of the basic need to keep themselves fed. Just like your phone needs a recharge, you too need to take some time out to enjoy your lunch break, and here’s how you can be productive while doing it.

1. Have a plan

Don’t mistake your lunch break for ‘free time’. Plan your lunch break so that you don’t have any important meetings or presentation immediately after lunch. That way you can take a breather during lunch and not have to gobble up that club sandwich.

2. Take an actual break

Try not to bring your work to the lunch table. Avoid checking your email or discussing work related projects and just enjoy your lunch. Give your mind a break.

3. De-stress

Take a deep breath and relax. Take a couple minutes to clear your head. You most likely have been trying to get several things done all morning and lunch time is a good way to halt, relax and bounce back.

4. Move a bit

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Whether your job involves sitting at the desk all day or co-ordinating between several departments, step out during your lunch break either to eat or just for a walk. Stepping out of your office space and getting some fresh air will definitely do you good.

5. Enjoy what you eat

Take time to enjoy what you eat. If you have a favorite place or a particular food you enjoy, make sure to go and enjoy it at least once a week.

6. Avoid all screens

Try to stay away from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and computer. Most office jobs require you to stare at a screen all day — so try to avoid that during lunch. Give your eyes a break.

7. Bond with your co-workers

When you work in large offices, you end up interacting with a lot of people but knowing only a few. Take this opportunity to sit with the people you work and know them better.

8. Break the routine

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We tend to get into a routine because we like things to be predictable. Whether it’s going to the same restaurant or having lunch with the same bunch of people, we always look for familiarity. Break the routine to clear your head and boost your energy.

9. Network

Even if you’re not looking for a change in job, it’s a good habit to be in touch with other people in the professional sphere. Networking is a key trait in successful people and a lunching with industry peers might give you insights you can use to improve your performance.

10. Use the full break

If you’re allotted an hour for lunch, take it. Maybe not every day, but when you can, use the full sixty minutes to get out, eat, exercise your mind or body, catch up with an old friend or a colleague and/or tackle items on your personal agenda.

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