15 Ways To Feel Happier At Work In Less Than 15 Minutes

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on September 20, 2015.

If you slowly see yourself sinking into that space, here are a few tips will help improve your work life and put a smile on your face on difficult days.

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Work can be demanding, which effects productivity and in the long run, happiness.

According to a study conducted by Gallup in 2012, 24% of the employees in organisations worldwide are categorised as “actively disengaged”. This indicates that they’re unhappy and unproductive, likely to spread negativity amongst their colleagues.

If you slowly see yourself sinking into that space, here are a few tips will help improve your work life and put a smile on your face on difficult days.

Feel at Home

Yes, work is nothing like your home, but bring some of the comforts of home into your workplace and you’ll feel more pleasant and relaxed. Create an atmosphere less grim and more enjoyable to make yourself content and productive.

Take a Breather

When you’re burdened with projects and deadlines, all you need to do is take a moment and relax. Put aside your worries for a while and focus on the positives. Go to your ‘happy place’ and relieve yourself of all the stress and anxiety.

Go for a Stroll

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Take a walk around the block or up the street and breathe in a little fresh air. Break the monotony of your work-flow by observing nature and get your energy up and running. You can also do some stretches at your desk to get your blood pumping.

Listen to Music

A good song is the perfect way to cheer yourself up, especially when you have those Monday blues. If you want something upbeat, listen to some energetic tunes. If you want to unwind, listen to a couple of your favourite tracks to feel like yourself again.

Have a Laugh with your Work-Bestie

The deadlines and projects are bound to stress you out. Walk over to your work-bestie’s desk and start a conversation with him/her. You can also ping each other on instant messenger. a laugh or two about the funny incidents you witnessed.

Drink a Cup of Tea/Coffee

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A good cup of coffee or tea is a great way to feel energised. Take a break from work and indulge in a cuppa to feel refreshed.

Read an Interesting Article

Browse through your favourite website and read an article. If you have the time, take a silly quiz to put a smile on your face.


Schedule a meditation break and zone out of work to zone in peaceful thoughts. It’s effective and instantly recharges you.

Organise your Desk

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An organized desk is a happy desk. A messy work station leads to irritation when trying to find a document or an important Post-it.

Watch a Funny Video

No one ever sat through a funny cat video with a straight face. Watch a video when you feel the monotony getting to you.

Be Kind

Always be nice to your colleagues. When you’re understanding and caring, you tend to feel happier.

Interact with your Colleagues

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Communicating with your colleagues de-stresses you and encourages the thought flow, making you more productive.

Mono-task once a Day

Multi-tasking is stressful and takes a toll on your mental state. Instead, do one task at a time like replying to mail.

Treat yourself to a Snack

Pack fruits, nuts, or a nutrition bar and munch on them while you work. You can also indulge in chocolate on a tense day.

Be Optimistic

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Maintain a positive attitude even when things don’t go as planned. Look forward to activities outside of work.

Quick and easy, these tips will help you achieve higher productivity while keeping you content at your workplace. A happy employee fosters a happier work environment. By avoiding tense moments, you change the dynamics of your work place and stay stress-free.

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