5 Signs That Someone Connects With You On A Deeper Level

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on September 20, 2015.

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The connection you share with someone becomes the most important aspect that determines whether or not the relationship will last. There are few indicators that you can notice in your relationship to see if your’re headed for a deeper, stronger and more meaningful bond.

You feel like you’re on a holiday with this person.

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The sight of this person is refreshing. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with them, they know how to calm you down when life gets hectic and at the same time crack lame jokes just to see you roll your eyes. Time flies when the both of you are together, and you’ll just can’t wait for the next time you’ll meet again.

They accept your flaws.

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They know exactly who you are and your potential. They know every fear of yours, your embarrassing habits, that you can’t pronounce a certain word right or things you’re not comfortable sharing. They make you feel comfortable the way you are, without wanting to change you in anyway.

They compromise for you.

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Their priority is to see you happy and comfortable, so they tend to compromise on their needs. You can see this in small gestures like, if there’s just one piece of pizza, they tend to act like they’re full just so you can eat it. Or if you like the color blue and your partner likes red, then they just go with the color you like.

You share a strong physical and emotional bond.

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Running into the arms of this person will feel like heaven. Because what you share is so strong, all your worries and fears seem to melt away. Emotionally, you’ll cry, laugh and be as weird as possible with each other. Everything is intense — from fights, to laughter, to sex.

You feel like you don’t need anyone else.

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This person makes you feel complete and being with them feels like you have every thing in life. When you’re together, the rest of the world seems like a different planet altogether. You just don’t need anything else. When you come back to them, you almost feel like you’re coming home.

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