6 Harsh Realities You Realize After Moving In With Him

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on November 13, 2015.

Learn the most common things that a girl faces after moving in with her boyfriend.

The feeling of moving in together with your partner before marriage can be quite exciting. You might tend to think that it’s not much of a challenge as you’ve stayed together during vacations. But living together in a house day after day is a different matter altogether. You should be practical about your future and learn about the potential harsh realities of moving in with your boyfriend, just so you’re better prepared to deal with the situation.

1. He may not be as caring as your parents are.

Your boyfriend may be the most caring person in your life, treating you like a princess at all times. But after moving in with him, you might realize that despite being really caring, he can’t care for you the way your parents do.

2. He may not meet you halfway in doing household chores.

If you ask him to help you with household chores like doing the laundry or changing a light bulb, he might not refuse. But eventually, you might see him postponing these tasks, and much later, refusing them straight out.

3. His sense of cleanliness may be limited.

After moving in with your boyfriend, you may find that he wears the same shorts and t-shirt for several days and is generally unclean. You may never have realized this before, but staying together brings out a lot of dirty secrets.

4. He may want you to make food for him.

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Even though in the beginning you decide to share every single task at home, you might eventually find that he is too lazy to cook dinner after he’s had that amazing three-course lunch you prepared for him once.

5. You can’t have enough time to yourself.

After you start living with him, you might find that you don’t get enough personal time and space to yourself. Having him around all the time might prevent you from being yourself and indulging in things you love the most.

6. He may borrow money from you regularly.

Even though you’re supposed to be the “shopaholic,” he might be the one who’s broke even before the 15th. This might put some additional burden on you and you may have to help him out every time this happens.

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