6 Marriage Proposals That Will Make Your Heart Melt

A proposal is no doubt the high point of every relationship. Whether it’s proposing or accepting the proposal, it’s a big step for anyone involved in a relationship. Also, a proposal is the one thing you will always remember, which is why people go to great lengths to make it as special as they can for their loved one.

There is no right or wrong or good or bad way of proposing — the only thing that matters is the answer. But if you go that extra mile to propose in a way that wins the heart of your love, chances are the answer will be a definite yes. Just in case you were wondering how, take the plunge and watch these six proposal videos.

(Remember to keep those tissues handy.)

1. The Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This video was an internet favorite. Issac proposes to Amy and does it by making her ride in the boot of a car while literally putting on a road-show for her.

2. The Crazy Proposal

This guy almost gives his girlfriend a heart attack just before he proposes to her. Hold on to your hearts.

3. The Skyscraper Proposal

Marzo decides to go high-tech with his proposal and gets an entire skyscraper to do it for him. His girlfriend is completely awestruck.

4. The Movie Trailer Proposal

Imagine sitting in a movie theater and suddenly you see a trailer with actors that look all too familiar. Ginny was completely caught off guard when Matt decided to propose in true Hollywood fashion.

5. The Meme Proposal

Timothy’s girlfriend Audrey was a big meme fan. So he went to the window of the restaurant she was eating in and proposed to her without saying a single word. Watch the video to see how.

6. The Genuine Proposal

For those of you who think it takes too much effort, this guy did a no-frills proposal video with his phone by improvising on whatever was available. It’s simple, sweet and romantic. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. We hope she said yes.

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