6 Signs It’s Time To Move On

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on January 14, 2016.

This relationship is not worth your efforts. Move on.

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Sometimes, there comes a point when you feel that despite being in a relationship, you’re not exactly there. You can feel your bond breaking apart and see all your efforts to save it going down the drain. This is when the thought of breaking up and moving on strikes your mind. So, should you put in more efforts to save your love, or should you just move on? Scroll down and read the six signs that tell it’s time to move on:

1. You’ve lost each other’s attention and affection.

When you no longer crave for each other’s care and love, it’s the biggest sign that your relationship is in trouble. You don’t feel like letting your partner be a part of your daily life and avoid showing affection when they need it.

2. You no longer feel like spending time with each other.

Earlier what used to take only a text for you to run over to their place and spend time together, now takes numerous calls and messages. Even if you see them, you feel disinterested and keep looking for chances to escape.

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3. You have a list of excuses ready to avoid seeing your partner.

That notes section of your phone which once used to be filled with mushy texts for your love has now become a place to store innovative excuses to avoid seeing him. You no more seem to feel the same way for him.

4. You can’t be yourself in front of them anymore.

The ease of being yourself and carefree in front of them is no longer there. You act so formal as if you’ve just met them and didn’t know them from before. The air around you is mostly filled with awkward silences and a weirdness that can be sensed by anyone from a distance.

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5. You no longer feel the physical attraction.

A smile which used to be responsible for the butterflies in your stomach has suddenly become just another smile in the crowd. Those small things that once used to attract you towards your love now seem irritating.

6. You want too many changes in each other’s behavior and life.

When you fell in love with that person, you were more than willing to accept them with all their flaws and peculiar mannerisms. Now, things are entirely different. You can’t seem to love them for who they are and instead want too many changes in their behavior.

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