6 Simple Ways To Be Mindful At Work

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on March 16, 2016.

Be more productive and happy at work by practicing the art of mindfulness.

Here are a few simple ways to be mindful at work.

1. Slow your pace down.

Have you noticed that we’re always in a state of rush? Whether stepping out to buy groceries or commuting to work, we’re constantly driven by our restlessness mentality. We must understand here that our minds cannot function at its best if it’s always spearheaded by a state of impatience. To be mindful at work, slow your pace down. Do your tasks in a normal and comfortable pace without rushing, and therefore, allow yourself the luxury of living in the present moment.

2. Practice conscious breathing.

You can practice conscious breathing while taking small breaks between your work. For instance, after you finished making a client call, go to your desk and spend at least 2 minutes breathing deeply. Bring your awareness to the intoxicating flow of air in and out of your body. These two minutes of conscious breathing can help you relax and work in a refreshed state of mind.

3. Work in silence.

From the time people wake up to the time they go to sleep, there is never a moment of uninterrupted silence that they can enjoy. So, to expect them to work in complete silence every day is impractical. However, what you can do is choose a relatively silent spot in your office to work on something important and challenging. This is because silence opens up doors and windows of creativity lying dormant inside us, which is necessary to excel at work and life in general.

Image Source: NatoWalk

5. Step outside to think of ideas.

People have made it a habit of sitting at their desks till they complete their work. They never consider the possibility of working outside. If you have a task of coming up with campaign ideas, for instance, step outside to think instead of locking yourself inside your cabin. We become more mindful and creative when we connect with the outer world. So take a short walk outside to think of ideas and get back to office when you’re ready to implement a few of them.

4. Practice mono-tasking.

Most people feel proud and tend to boast when they multitask. They see the skill as a mark of excellence. What they don’t see is the poor quality of work and decrease in productivity that came as a result of multitasking. The fact is, our minds can only work on one task at a time and loses focus when we juggle between various tasks. So practice mono-tasking because it will not only help you be mindful of potential errors but also inspire you to give your best to every task that you’re doing.

6. Do nothing for 15 minutes.

People in this age are caught up with an incessant need to remain engaged all the time. They are either whiling away time on their phones or indulging in mindless conversations. Mindfulness can never be attained in a state of constant engagement. Hence, allow your mind some meager time to wander and be on its own. Essentially, take time to do nothing for 15 minutes every day to be more mindful.

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