7 Things To Remember To Become A Confident Communicator

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on March 16, 2016.

Next time you speak to anyone, keep the following things in mind.

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The manner in which we communicate to others makes a big difference in our personality. When we are able to communicate effectively, we come across as a confident person with a striking personality. If you want to enhance your communication skills, and be more confident in approaching a conversation, here are seven things you must remember.

1. It’s not just about you.

When talking to someone, you tend to talk a lot about yourself. After a point, your listener will not have any interest in continuing the conversation. Instead, pay attention to the listener and ask questions. This will make sure your conversation is two-way and is not just about yourself.

2. Learn to deal with silence.

When you meet someone, you start talking for a few seconds, and then there’s this awkward silence. You don’t know what to talk next. When you encounter such a moment, try to ask something about the other person. You can pass a compliment which might spark a new conversation. However, if you don’t want to talk, it’s alright. You just need to learn to be comfortable with silence.

3. Be genuine.

One of the most important factors of communication is to be honest with what you speak. You don’t have to change the facts just because you fear what the listener would think. You can tell the other person if you don’t want to talk about something, but don’t beat around the bush or turn the facts around. You might start to mumble and make it awkward for yourself.

4. Be a good listener.

Good communication happens when you are willing to listen to the other person. Some people take a lot of time to open-up. However, asking questions and showing interest in them will keep the conversation going.

5. Be ready to apologize.

You’re lucky if you can say ‘I’m sorry’ easily. For some people, apologizing for something they’ve said is quite difficult, simply because they feel humiliated and embarrassed by what they said. When you understand that it’s alright to make mistakes, you will find the confidence to apologize to the person.

6. Keep the cool.

There are times when informal conversations become arguments and heated discussions. If you want to be a confident communicator, relax and continue the conversation and try not to get intimidated. If you have an opinion, speak out loud and don’t allow others to make you feel small.

7. Don’t think too much.

When you’re part of a conversation, try to speak your mind. Also, it’s important to think before you say something, however remember that too much thinking can disrupt the flow of the conversation. So think clearly and speak in simple words.

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