7 Things You Will Realize By The Time You’re 25

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on March 16, 2016.

Learn as much as possible when you’re 25.

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By the time we are 25, most of us would have completed our education and started our careers. The time spent in college and the first few years of establishing our career are the times when we learn the most important lessons in life.

Here are 7 things that you will realize by the time you’re 25.

1. You are on your own.

You realize at 25 that you got to do everything on your own. Though your friends and family will be there to encourage and support you, you understand that you have to do what it takes to achieve success and be happy.

2. The importance of managing money.

At 25, you learn different ways and strategies to earn and save money. And most importantly, you learn to manage money and meet all your demands. This helps you in the long run to lead a stable life.

3. The importance of saying no.

You realize at 25 that you cannot please everyone around you. You realize that there will be times when you have to gather courage and say “no” to a certain kind of people. You also know the ones who are genuinely asking for help, and the ones who are just using you.

4. Freedom is a choice.

At 25, you learn that being independent and self-sufficient is not a very easy thing but however, important. So you make a decision to live life on your own terms. You choose to do things on your own and live for yourself, not others.

5. Worrying is harmful.

Some experiences in life break our hearts, disappoint us and pull us down. But you learn with time that pondering upon such things will keep you worrying forever. So you learn to put your past behind and focus on making your present worthwhile.

6. The value of making the right friends.

When you were younger, you weren’t very smart while choosing your friends. However at 25, you understand people better. You know who’s genuine and who’s manipulative. So you choose the kind of friends whom you can trust in your life.

7. The importance of time.

When you’re 25, you know that time is something you never get back. You become aware of all the time you have mindlessly wasted on trivial things that don’t really matter. You become more careful with time, and learn to manage it well.

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