7 Ways To Use Anger To Improve Your Performance At Work

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on October 27, 2015.

Anger is not always negative. Take advantage of it and you can see amazing results.

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Anger has always been associated with violence and considered unproductive. Though anger can be quite a negative force, there are upsides to it too. For instance, anger can inspire you to take action on something that you feel strongly about. What matters is channeling the anger to put it to more productive use. Here are a few ways to help you do that.

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1. Meld anger into motivation: You can use anger to your advantage by letting it motivate you. Motivation is integral fuel on your road to success, as you’re constantly reminding yourself to do your best.

2. Use the push anger provides: Anger provides an impetus. When you’re angry, you try to figure a way out to do what you have to do, instead of getting distracted by things.

3. Anger makes you act swiftly: Anger makes you more instinctive. You don’t take time to respond. Instead you act swiftly, and that helps you get things done faster.

4. Anger is a powerful force: Anger puts you in the driver’s seat. It hands you the steering wheel and gives you the power to control things. In that sense, it makes you effective at your task.

5. Anger inspires you to do your best: When you’re angry, you give your everything to the work at hand. You don’t give up at any cost. It makes you want to prove yourself to others. This way, you perform at your best.

6. You strive hard: Anger forces you to work hard and strive till you achieve your goal. When you’re angry, nothing can dare stop you. You’re determined to win.

7. You don’t fear failure: When you’re angry, you don’t look at failure as the end point. You look at it as a reminder to work harder. It keeps you working hard till you succeed.

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