8 Inspiring Secrets Of Genuinely Happy People

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on February 22, 2016.

Happy people remain happy because they are not afraid of being unhappy at times.

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Life is not a bed full of roses. We all have our own ways of solving the problems that we face on a day-to-day basis. But sometimes, we notice a certain kind of people are always happy, don’t we? We see they are always cracking jokes and laughing out loud. So much so that it often seems that they have no problems at all.

The truth, however, is that even they are also facing challenges in life just like we do. The only difference is that their approach to life and experiences are more rational than emotional. Here are a few secrets of genuinely happy people.

1. They’re not always happy.

Let’s get this cleared first — no one can be happy all the time. Even the most knowledgeable monk experiences the pangs of unhappiness every once in a while. The only difference in their case is that they accept their true emotions in their most organic form, instead of denying them or being defensive about them.

2. They say no whenever necessary.

For most people, saying “no” is mountainous task. In order to make others happy, people tend to sacrifice their own happiness. They give in to every demand and invite stress and anxiety to their own lives in return. Happy people, however, have learned to say “no” without inhibitions. They have learned that true happiness comes from being honest to people.

3. They have gone through many ups and downs.

No genuinely happy person would ever say that life is easy. They admit with honesty that there are challenges that are capable of knocking them down and giving them a hard time. But what they truly believe is that no matter how giant and monstrous a problem seems to be at the moment, there will come a time when you will fight them and be happy again.

4. They embrace their flaws.

Most people who are unhappy in life remain unhappy throughout their lives because they believe they are flawed beings. Some hate their skin tone, some hate their voice, some hate their body type, some hate their complete self. Such people view themselves as imperfect souls and always struggle to attain perfection. Happy people, however, embrace their flaws wholeheartedly. They know for a fact that it’s their imperfections that are making them perfect in life.

5. They haven’t lost their inner child.

When we were kids, we always believed the world is a happy place to live in. But as we grew older, our perceptions got tainted by our harsh experiences, and as a result, we lost our childlike wonderment. We became skeptical and judgmental about things. Happy people, on the other hand, never lost their inner child. This is why they still find reasons to be happy in this complicated world.

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6. They hold no grudges against anyone.

Happy people know for a fact that holding grudges can become toxic to them. That’s why they always forgive and let go of grudges and make peace with the world. They don’t believe in carrying any baggage from the past. They dust themselves off from every bad experience and move forward with an open and positive mindset.

7. They ask for help.

Most people tend to believe that asking for help makes them weak. So even if they have a problem that they are not able to solve by themselves, they would still never take anyone’s advice or suggestion. Happy people know that being too self-dependent is a sign of a bloated ego in people. They believe that not all problems can be solved by our own selves. Sometimes, we need a different perspective, which we can only attain if let go our ego and ask for help.

8. They accept differences.

We all are different from each other. Be it our religious preference, our sexual inclination or our view points, we all have differences that make us unique and give us a distinct personality. Happy people accept these differences with an open heart. They don’t try to impose their preferences just because they feel something is right. They believe everyone has the right to be who they are and take their own decisions without being forced by anyone.

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