9 Reasons Why a Girl Should Look For a Partner and Not a Boyfriend

There’s a difference between choosing a partner and a boyfriend, and you’re better off pursuing a relationship with a partner.

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Although used interchangeably, a partner and a boyfriend are two different people.

Whereas a partner is someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life, a boyfriend is someone who you can date and have good times with. With a partner, you’re more likely to have healthy mutual respect for each other and be more mature and responsible about your relationship.

Choosing a partner is a supreme challenge for a girl. But finding one will make it all worth it. Here are the reasons.

A partner is supportive and understanding

A partner takes time out to meet your needs. He understands that you both are two different people and that he needs to meet you at least halfway to make the relationship work. In the process, he becomes supportive and understanding. He becomes someone in whom you can confide in making the important choices in life.

He’s more confident about the relationship

A partner is much more confident about the relationship than a boyfriend. He wholeheartedly believes in the bond that you both share and rides the ups and downs with confidence. A partner’s confidence makes a woman feel secure and protected because she knows that no matter what, he will be there for her.

A partner is mature and responsible

If there’s one quality that differentiates a boyfriend from a partner, it’s responsibility. A partner is practical, mature and responsible towards you in the relationship. He stays by your side in the tough times and comforts you. He respects your choices and is encouraging.

A partner is committed

Commitment is a quality that most women look for in a man to begin with in a relationship. A boyfriend finds it harder to be truly committed in a relationship in comparison with a partner. The latter upholds the promise he made to you even when the going gets tough.

Image Source: Shortday

He’s open with you

Transparency is crucial to a relationship and sets a strong foundation for it. You should look for a partner rather than a boyfriend because a partner doesn’t hide things from you. He prefers to share what’s on his mind with you, and is generally more open and trustworthy.

A partner is protective, not possessive

A partner is someone who is protective of you, but not possessive. A boyfriend is possessive largely because of jealousy and insecurity. A partner is more mature in this aspect, as he trusts you and expects trust in return.

He appreciates you for who you are

A partner doesn’t take you and your love for granted. He appreciates the things you do for him and accepts and loves you the way you are. He likes to remind you how grateful he is to have you as a partner and how much you matter to him.

A partner makes you feel special

Your boyfriend might forget your birthday and later try to cover up by buying you a bouquet. But a partner holds on to every chance there is to make you feel special. He likes to celebrate your every win and likes to make these times memorable for you.

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on November 6, 2015.

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