9 Things Girls Say And Guys Can’t Get Enough Of

Girls, girls, girls! They’re so hot and so pretty, and guys can never get enough of them! But here are some things that guys love hearing, and that make them adore you even more.

1. “Let’s just stay home and cuddle.”

Sometimes a homely night in, with good food, ambiance, a TV and a warm blanket, can be better than any expensive night out spent painting the town red! And guys know it too. But what guy would be caught dead suggesting it himself? Save him the trouble, and suggest it yourself. Your guy won’t be able to resist it.

2. “Could you open this for me?”

Body builder or metro-sexual, feminist or not, every guy wants to feel like a girl’s Superman one or the other time. Asking him for help on things you can’t do appeals to his primal urges and makes him feel needed and respected.

3. “Are these jeans too tight?”

You might only be asking for an opinion on whether you look fat, if your outfit is appropriate, but for him, it’s an excuse to check you out, and look helpful doing it!

4. “Let’s do it in the car!”

Taking risks, getting intimate in unexpected places, and rocking your world (and his car, at that)- are things guys love to do! When it’s his girlfriend who is initiating the mischief, all the better!

5. “Wow. That blew my mind.”

Guys never tire of hearing their sexual prowess praised. When he’s done all he can to pleasure you and make sure you have the time of your life, without caring about his own pleasure, the least you can do is acknowledge it, and compliment him a little.

6. “What should I do?”

Guys loved being asked for advice. It plays up their male ego. And when you concede to their expertise, it makes them feel about six feet tall.

7. “Your biceps are so hot”.

Guys aren’t often complimented on their looks or body. So when you do it, it’s not only flattering, it’s hot and a huge turn on.

8. “Want to go get some pizza and beer?”

When you opt for a casual night of sports, pizza, banter and beer, as opposed to a fancy night out, it shows a guy how laid-back and cool you are. Guys are suckers for that. It makes you seem just like one of his bros. And stereotype it may be, but which guy doesn’t love beer?

9. “I bought this just for you.”

Guys love pretty girls. They love their girl in pretty outfits. But what they love most of all, is knowing that they are getting to see their girl in something only they will see her in, and that she put in all that effort just for him. It blows their mind, being the recipient of so much love and effort.

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