9 Traditional Dating Rules That Need To Be Broken

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on December 23, 2015.

Change the dating game and don’t get left behind because culture is changing.

There are many things out there that should just be traditional, like good old Indian food that swims in spices, oil and fat enough to heat more than the human consuming it. Dating isn’t one of them. Here are 10 rules you’ve got to just chuck out the window.

1. Sleeping on the Third Date

Who ever said there was a rule about sleeping with someone you’re seeing after a specified number of dates? Make sure it’s consensual and you can go at it on the first or the tenth date!

2. Playing Hard to Get

This is dumb and also goes in the opposite direction. Why would you play hard to get when you’re trying to get someone? How completely insane is it to pretend to not want what you want?

3. Avoiding Making Out on the First Date

Again, no rules here. You both want to make out, do it for the love of God. Nobody is going to judge you. It’s attraction, so why would you keep it locked up because of some random social belief that kissing on a first date is taboo?

4. Not Asking the Guy Out

Everybody who thinks asking the guy out is coming on too strong or non-traditional, it’s not. You are a person and you like another person. How does gender play a factor in who asks the question? It doesn’t. (The liked person’s orientation does matter though because you know, you don’t want your hopes crushed when you find out she’s not into men).

5. Expecting the Man to Pay

Another archaic notion that just needs to get out of the books. I love going dutch on dates because I get to order whatever I want without worrying about someone else shouldering the bill. Or at least ensure if one person foots the bill the first time, the other one does it the next time. Men you don’t know very well are not your banks or providers of nourishment.

6. Texting after a Stipulated Amount of Time

If you liked your date, you tell them after it’s over or if you’re like me, super nervous and confused when a date goes well, just text them after. You don’t have to wait an hour to do it. Just say what you want to say!

7. Not having Deep Conversations

If a serious topic comes up, stop downplaying it and shifting it to another mundane one. A deep conversation displays your clarity of thought, your opinions and tells you so much more about the person you’re on the date with than mundane conversation ever will.

8. Being Overly Careful about the Length of What You’re Wearing

You wear what you want to wear, period. Don’t dress like a shabby vagabond though. Just make the effort to look like a human who is capable of keeping their life together for a while.

9. Make Plans that are more than 3 Days in Advance

Look, you went on a date, you like this person and you want to see them again. Are you seriously going to deprive yourself from seeing them again the day after your date? Are you actually going to be stupid enough to show them you’re SO busy when you haven’t done half your work because you’ve been thinking about your date?

Please don’t eat salad. Real food is such a nice option. And yes, please throw all the other rules out of the window too, so that you can be real people on real dates.

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