Becoming successful is not as difficult as it seems to be.

It may often feel to you that your dream to be successful can never come true. Your difficulties in life can sometimes force you to come to such disheartening conclusions. But ask any successful person, and he or she will tell you that attaining success isn’t as difficult as it seems to be. Successful people follow a few simple values and rules, which makes success an achievable dream for them. Here are 6 simple tips to become successful.

1. Take responsibility for your life.

What is the first thing we do when something unexpected happens in our lives? We complain. And then we begin cribbing about why everything is unfair. Only a few people are able to shut their negative self-talk and take a broad look at their problems. These few people are the ones who become successful. In your path to success, it’s important to be responsible for your life — not only in the good times, but during the tough, discomforting times too. This is key to success.

2. Set goals.

Everyone has heard this timeless wisdom of success in their lives, yet only a few put it to practice. Why is that such a simple exercise is not taken seriously by many of us? Many of those who do not set goals in life believe that goals are often subjective to consistent changes. Which of course is true. But the point of goals is not to always to achieve what you dream or plan, the point of goals is to get direction so that you don’t waste your precious time pondering, and start somewhere.

3. Start small.

People who make big goals can get carried away too easily, and therefore, take massive actions as soon as they draw a plan. This goes against their own plan because taking huge steps even though may seem like giving yourself a good start, it’s bound to leave you in stress and anxiety very soon. Big actions create big expectations that tend to crush every bit of your hope when those expectations are not met. That’s why it’s important to start small. Begin with a normal, comfortable pace and as you gain momentum, take longer steps towards success. This is what most successful people do.

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4. Ask for help.

There is a kind of stigma attached to asking for help in need. Those who ask for help are often considered dumb, ignorant and amateurs, which is primarily why people at work tend to avoid the possibility to ask for help even when they are in genuine need. This leads to unnecessary compromises on quality of work and makes people reluctant towards learning and growing. Asking for help is sometimes the only way of progressing in life. We must understand that we, or even Google, cannot have all the answers we’re looking for. Sometimes, asking your colleague can be more helpful.

5. Embrace failure.

In our society, the word failure has earned a bad reputation. The meaning has been so ill perceived that most people in the world today fear failure than anything else. They don’t want their friends, their colleagues, their family to see them as a failure. But take look at the lives of successful people and you can see failure playing the most important role in their lives. Without failure, there is often no learning at all. Failures inspire us to ask ingenious questions and look deeper within for answers. Failures may seem like unbeatable obstacles in your road to success, but don’t forget that without them we can’t move forward in life.

6. Take a break when you need one.

In our journey to become successful, the last thing we like to do is rest. There are so many ideas waiting to be implemented, there are so many plans waiting to be made, there are so many possibilities waiting to be explored, how can one sleep, right? People fuel their hunger to work outrageously through such questions and avoid this most needed thing for their success — a break. You may be the busiest human being alive on earth. You may have dreams of building castles in the air. But you too need a break. Successful people understand this inherent need and make sure they take a break every now and then.

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