Boost Your Productivity with These 6 Powerful Time Management Apps

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If you’re desperately seeking an answer to the question, “where the hell is my time going every day?”, you should immediately get a time tracking app on your mobile phone.

Once you find the right app, you can use it to track the exact amount of time you’re spending on different tasks in the day. After about a week of using the app, you’ll be able to put your finger on the surprising time sinks in your life. This will give you greater control over how you spend your time each day.

The challenge, however, is to find the right app. To help you choose one, here’s our pick of the top time tracking apps on the market.


Platform: Web, iPhone, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux

Image Source: Toggl

Toggl is one of the best time tracking apps out there. Using it is as simple as hitting the start button and entering the project name. Of course, if you want to add some colour to this dry world of time tracking, you can colour code your projects to make them visually appealing. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about the Wifi or mobile Internet going off — Toggl will still keep tracking your time.


Platform: iPhone, Mac OS X, Web, Apple Watch

Hours is to iPhone what Toggl is to Android. A powerful time tracking app, Hours is a great visual representation of your day in blocks of time. You can swipe through the timeline to see which tasks you’ve worked on and for how long, as well as create notes when required. Turning the timers on and off is a matter of a click, with notifications for when you forget to start your timer in the day. Reports present a compilation of the data so you can get the big picture.


Platform: iPhone, Mac OS X, Apple Watch

Image Source: Apple za

ATracker is a visually attractive time tracking app that’s very easy to set up. It gives you the choice to view your tasks along with the time data either as a list or on a calendar, however you like it. It also sends you reports in both both bar and pie charts, so you don’t spend time just trying to make sense of the report.

My Minutes

Platform: iPhone, Mac OS X, Android

Image Source: iPhone Forums

My Minutes ties in the idea of goal setting with time tracking. It helps you create tasks and allocate a certain amount of time towards it. For example, you can enter the task ‘Check email’ and add ‘At most 30 minutes’. (More of this on the video) You can put tasks on repeat and enable notifications for when the task is due. You can also activate a daily morning notification for the tasks that need to be done that day.

Time Planner

Platform: iPhone, Mac OS X

Time Planner lets you add the day’s tasks as a list. For adding tasks to another day, it lets you add your tasks to another day on the calendar, ultimately updating your device’s calendar. With Time Planner, you also get to tag each task so all your events are well categorised. Over time, the app tells you how much time you’ve been spending on different activities and, therefore, gives you the chance to be more efficient in the completion of your tasks.


Platform: Android

Image Source: LlamaLab
Image Source: LlamaLab

Timesheet is more professional in nature than the other apps on this list. It lets you import calendar events and phone calls as tasks, and allows the tracking of multiple running tasks at the same time. You can use the entire multimedia experience in planning for and scheduling your tasks. You can export your data as an Excel spreadsheet and backup your data onto an SD card or to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. For this reason, it’s targeted more towards freelancers and independent professionals.

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