Happiness is Simple: Switch Back to Your Happier Self in 5 Simple Ways

Take a good look at your photos from your childhood photo albums.

What do you see? A happy kid, most often.

We used to be that way as children. We played, ran, sang, danced, and created a ruckus the whole day. We did whatever made us happy.

As a grown up, however, we allow all kinds of things to bog us down and force unhappiness upon ourselves.

It’s time to stop doing that, and to reclaim your happiness. Here’s what you should do.

Let go of Grudges

That boss who yelled at you for no apparent reason. That cab driver who fooled you by taking some extra money. Forgive them and move on. Otherwise you’d be constantly upset about what they did. Don’t let them have that kind of power over you.

Be free of grudges, and welcome happiness.

See Problems as Opportunities

How you view a situation is a matter of perspective. You could look at a financial crisis in your family as an opportunity to learn more about money or as a tragedy that is set to take you down. Your happiness depends on the meaning you assign to a problem. Choose to view it in a positive light.

Be Grateful

Notice how privileged you are in comparison to the people who are struggling to fulfil even their basic needs. You should be grateful for the food you eat, the water you drink, the people you meet, and so much else that’s available to you in life.

Be thankful for everything, and you’ll automatically be happier.

Don’t Complain

Take responsibility for your circumstances. Don’t blame your group members if your project isn’t working out as expected. Don’t blame your workload for your lack of creativity. Blaming is a shortcut to unhappiness.

Stop complaining and start taking responsibility. Happiness won’t be too far away then.

Live in the Present

Look at yourself in that childhood picture again. Were you thinking about getting into a top management school back then? Or about getting married to your Mr/Miss Right? No, because you were too busy making sand castles, coloring the walls, and bouncing on the bed. You were too busy enjoying the moment.

Live in the present like you used to, because happiness is here, and in the ‘now’. Don’t let this moment go.

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