How Playing a Musical Instrument Can Make You Happy

Learning a musical instrument is often an integral part of our resolutions every year, but we never start doing anything about it. Even if we do, we stop playing the instrument after sometime and go about our our daily lives without realizing its true value — it makes us happy.

Remember that moment when you picked up that old guitar, strummed a chord and got goosebumps immediately? Here’s why you must relive that moment every once in a while.

You’ll stop clinging to unnecessary thoughts.

You worry when your mind is trapped in a prison of negative thoughts. At that time, you wish to free your mind from them, but can’t, because of the endless swirl of negative thoughts.

Play a chord and your mind will instantly veer off from that negative space. All your unnecessary worries will get drowned out by the melodious tunes, and you’ll find yourself exuding a positive vibe.

Life looks more beautiful.

Every time you play music, you make your world look beautiful — that tree outside your window, that squirrel nibbling on a nut, that bird chirping melodiously every morning — they all appear like beautiful gifts of nature.

Nothing changes, only how you see the world does.

So pick up a musical instrument when the daily humdrum sets in, and start playing — you’ll be surprised to see how beautiful your world is and how happy you’ve become.

Your self-esteem reaches a new high.

Don’t we feel awesome when we hit the right chord? That’s because every time we play an instrument, we learn something new. This increases our self-esteem day by day and we start to feel great about ourselves.

You become happy about yourself.

As you play your instrument, you express your identity through your music and in the process, become a creative individual. It allows you to channel your feelings out into the world in an enjoyable way. This gives you a feeling of lasting happiness.

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