How To Effectively Deal With An Angry Partner

Originally published at on January 29, 2016.

Handle a hothead without turning into one yourself.

It’s not easy to deal with a hothead, especially when that hothead is your lover or spouse. It’s one of the biggest challenges in a relationship. Staying with an angry partner without getting irritated, losing your temper and turning into Satan yourself is almost impossible to think about.

Given that no person is perfect, your partner’s anger might be his only flaw. So if you’re ready to deal with it, make sure that his anger doesn’t turn out to be fatal for your relationship. For that, you will have to be extremely careful, and help him deal with his anger without letting it affect you and the relationship.

Angry people usually are of the notion that every person around them are unfair to them, as a result of which they start getting defensive, pick unnecessary arguments and get mad at others very easily. So, to tackle a person who’s not only hotheaded but also has insecurities, you really need to have some tactics up your sleeves. Some of the tactics to deal with your angry partner are:

Let him know that you understand he’s upset.

The best thing you can do to tackle his anger calmly is, let him know that you understand what he’s going through and that you empathize with it. You need to stay calm and let him vent out his anger. Listening to him without trying to argue with him will let you build an effective communication channel with him and will also eventually calm him down.

Get real with him.

If your partner has no control over his anger and doesn’t realize what he says in the heat of the moment, you need to start getting real with him. While venting out his anger, if he says something hurtful, stop him immediately and tell him calmly that he’s being mean and rude to you. This will make him realize the extent of his anger, and he’ll begin to regret.

Give him time and space.

No one likes to be pushed around and nagged for doing something. Neither does your angry partner. So, make sure you’re giving him enough time and space to defuse his anger and not rushing him to get over his anger issues overnight. You need to keep in mind that he’s also struggling with his problems, and your behavior of nagging him will only worsen the situation.

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