On what I learned being an entrepreneur and VC : Preserve your sanity and happiness

As someone who has been on both sides of the table, first as a VC and then as an entrepreneur, people often ask me what have I learned or would advise other entrepreneurs.

Here’s what I would recommend: —

  • Think big, start small, scale quickly and never give up
  • If your idea or product isn’t working, kill it & move ahead. If you survive a battle today, you might win the war tomorrow
  • As a founder, your job is to constantly find new bottlenecks at breakneck speed. Setup the infra to collect data as you create your product.
  • The only way you will find bottlenecks is by consistently learning from the data
  • You aren’t a failure just because you launched a failed product
  • Take a good care of your mental health.

Running a startup is an intensive affair. You have bugs to fix; probably few months of runway left; processes need improvement; parents have no clue about what you’re up to; co-founders have quit; friends crib that you never have time; you need to do a new fundraise; clients are not paying; you’ve put on weight because there’s no time to exercise; you cannot afford a vacation for your anniversary because you have product releases; heck you probably don’t have enough money to afford it.

All this is real, but in the end, nothing is more important in life than your sanity and happiness

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