Super-Charge Your Productivity By Applying These Super-Simple Hacks

Originally published at on March 21, 2016.

Bringing a few positive changes to your habits can help boost your productivity.

Here are a few simple ways to be more productive at your workplace.

1. Start working early.

Most people make an aim of reaching office by 9:30 AM. And by the time they reach it’s around 9:45 AM.

“Not too bad” they think as they sit down to work. That’s when a colleague sitting nearby decides to comment on their dress, leading to a whole new conversation, nothing of which is related to work. Nothing at all.

By the time they stop talking, it’s around 10:15 AM.

That’s when they realize they need a cup of coffee to draw their focus back to work. By now client mails have started showering on the mailbox and boss is asking for updates. They get restless and begin to work.

It’s 10:30 AM and they haven’t even started working.

Image Source: Rizzar

Wouldn’t such problems be sorted if they reach their office a little earlier?

People underestimate the value of starting their work early. Working earlier than usual isn’t about doing extra work and impressing your boss, it’s about getting a good start for your work and gaining momentum as a result. It allows one to work in a clear and focused state of mind, which helps them harness their most productive selves.

2. Keep a separate time for social media.

I personally love using Facebook during office time. Whenever I get bored of working, I switch to a social media tab.

I am sure there are many like me who do the same. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the amount of time I waste scrolling up and down the newsfeed. I realized that social media is a time eater.

So basically this is what ends up happening almost every time we use social media:

We see a picture, stare at it for 2 minutes or so and then move to another post. Then we see an article, get attracted by its headline, read it, comment on it and share it with our friends. Then as we scroll down further and watch a viral video. We repeat this process till we hear the alarming siren of deadline ringing in our ears.

Image Source: Edutech

Using social media during work time is a habit problem and can be solved by giving it a separate time.

Know that social media sites have a tendency of eating up a lot of your time, so it’s important to use it only after you finish substantial amount of work. By giving it a separate time, you will not only be productive at your work but also be active on social media.

3. Keep your desk clean.

Here’s a simple way to identify productive people working in an office: look for people with clean work desks.

Yes, people who are productive, keep their desks clean and organized. And, on the other hand, those who work in a cluttered desk tend to be unproductive. To understand the difference, imagine this:

You a have a bunch of files on your desk. Near the bunch of files, you have a bunch of papers you forgot to throw last evening. Near these bunch of papers are some pens that don’t work. Near these pens are wrappers of chips. Near these wrappers of chips are two coffee mugs — one is yours and the other one, you don’t know. But you don’t care anyway.

This is what you see every morning before you start working. Wouldn’t all this clutter on desk clutter even your mind?

Image Source: 1800 Got Junk

Every time you get a clear flow of thought, you see your unorganized desk, get irritated and break the flow. So to avoid that, keep your desk clean. Trash things that you don’t need and organize it in way you like. Keep it minimal and see how productive you become after that.

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