The Best Dating Advice I Ever Received, and How It Can Help You Find Love

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In all the years that I’ve dated, I’ve been given plenty of advice on how to date right. “Make sure you play it cool.” “Don’t talk about your ex.” “Think before you say anything.” Instead of helping me on my dating journey, these pieces of advice only made me confused about what I should do on a date.

Then, it finally happened. In fact, it happened on a date. My date one night mentioned it in passing and it struck me, like a jolt of lightening.

So, here it is, the best dating advice I ever received.

Be vulnerable.

When you’re open to being vulnerable, you’re being authentic. You’re allowing your heart to feel the purest of emotions.

Trying to impress your date is one thing, but always striving to present your perfect self will not win you the love of your life. Sure, they’ll love you for a while. But what about later in the relationship, when you can’t fake it anymore and you start being yourself? Your partner will feel like you weren’t the same person they fell in love with, and that’ll probably end the relationship.

The perfect antidote to this sad climax is to gather the courage to be vulnerable from the very start. To not be afraid of your fears — “what if they think I’m rude, or arrogant?” — and instead face them head on. To be open to new things, to stop overthinking and, most importantly, to have the courage to be vulnerable.

That’ll help you find freedom in the end, and of course, the love of your life.

Here are some thoughts to inspire you to let go of your fears and be more vulnerable.

Let your guard down and enjoy the moment.

Never hesitate to show yourself through.

Being transparent is the best policy in dating. Be confident and proud of who you are.

Boost your self-confidence by being open to new possibilities.

Love yourself enough and be authentic. There’s no one else like you.

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong. Dare to be yourself.

Express your true feelings. Don’t keep them sheltered.

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