The Harsh Reality Of Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time

Originally published at on October 27, 2015.

The right person at the wrong time has nothing to do with you.

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There comes a time in your love life when everything seems perfect, except the timing. You meet this incredible guy and fall head over heels for him. You know he is all you ever want in a partner. You finally muster up some courage to let him know about how he makes you feel, only to be hit by reality. He’s either moving away to a different country, is already married, is not up for a relationship or commitment. Now, you have this fondness towards the person and don’t quite know what to do with it. Here’s the truth about meeting someone at the wrong time.

You start to think something’s wrong with you.

You wonder if you’re good enough for him. You start to feel that maybe it’s not working out because something’s wrong in the way you look, talk or dress. You start to mull over the most superficial things and then finally come to a conclusion that it just can’t be so. You feel insecure. You get jealous and bitter over petty issues. It turns into one heck of an internal emotional roller coaster ride.

You wait without even realizing it.

You know for a fact that it’ll not work out. But you sabotage your own love life by waiting. You wait subconsciously and don’t want to let go of how this person makes you feel. You may have some potential partners coming your way, but you overlook everything. You decide to not associate with anyone for a good period of time.

You feel you’ll never find the right relationship.

After the ‘waiting’ period and going through all the emotional turmoil, you start to feel hopeless about meeting the guy of your dreams. You feel that timing will always play spoilsport. You know that it’s hard to come by people who make you feel so good. This is the phase where you wallow in self-pity.

You finally refocus your energy to your passions.

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After the emotional roller-coaster ride, you decide to stop the negative thought flow. You re-direct your thoughts to something worthwhile. You start to take those classes you always wanted to. You pick up a hobby or spend more time doing the things you’re passionate about. You divert your mind to what’s in your control. You do everything to move forward to shape your dreams into reality.

You move on to find better things.

The truth is, the more you ponder over this situation, the more you’ll regret something that you aren’t even sure would turn out well. You need to stop questioning your worth, stop waiting and go on and find something worthwhile to do instead. Now this could probably be why this person was meant to cross paths with you in the first place, so you can realize your worth and move on to better things and better people.

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