The Most Bizarre Way to Achieve Happiness: How Spending Time Helps You Rediscover Happiness

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Are we forgetting that our wealth of joy resides within us and not in that smilie?

Being alone is often seen as a character flaw in our society. People think being alone means being lonely. So, they avoid these moments by keeping themselves occupied in one thing or another — a call or SMS or anything they can spend their time doing. This insecurity is clearly visible in bus stands and queues, where most of us tend to spend that 5–10 minutes of our free time deeply engrossed in our cell phones — escaping any possibility of being left alone with our own thoughts. Are we forgetting that our wealth of joy resides within us and not in that smilie?

Loneliness and Solitude are Different

When we say, “take the time to be alone”, we’re talking about the time spent in solitude, not loneliness. Whereas loneliness is filled with a desperate need for significance, solitude is an overflow of enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and confidence.

Go back in time to a moment when you were deeply immersed in something you loved — painting a picture, singing a song, writing a story or perhaps simply watching the stars. There was no one to accompany you, remember? But you were still brimming with joy and cherishing your solitude.

Why don’t you allow yourself the luxury of that rejuvenating experience again?

Spend an Hour Alone Every Day

Stop telling yourself you’ve no time. You know you have plenty of it. You spend hours watching news channels and waste so much time and energy on unnecessary arguments. As a result, you forgo your joy, live out of sync with your integrity and lose direction at the end of the day.

Remember, those who say they don’t have time for themselves are the ones who spend most of their time being unhappy.

Do yourself a favour. Take some time off from watching soaps or making long unnecessary calls, and spend that spare time on yourself. You’ll be happier for it.

Contemplate on Your Goals

If you don’t have goals in life, coming up with a few is the first thing you must do. Like Buddha said, “The problem is you think you have time.”

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Life is short, so make the most of it. Jot down goals that excite you, experiences that inspire you, and reduce the pain points in your life. Later, start taking actions one step at a time and forget about the results. You’ll find your happiness on the way.

Embrace Silence

You spend a significant amount of time every day talking or listening to people, the traffic, the radio and what not. There’s not a moment when your heart and mind are in sync. By spending some quiet time every morning, you connect with your own self and in the process let your soul communicate.

Just spend 15–20 minutes meditating. You can mediate on love, on a quote, or simply on the stillness of your surroundings. The process will fill you with an abundance of peace and joy.

Do What Makes You Truly Happy

Like to connect with nature? Then step out onto your front lawn and do some gardening. Love to paint? Pull out your paint brushes and splash your imagination on a broad canvas.

If you can take time out to do the things that make you happy, you’ll learn to find joy in the littlest of things in life and therefore find inspiration in them.

Being alone every day just for an hour to embrace silence, do things you love, and work on your goals would unite you with the ultimate source of your happiness on earth: you. This is not say that external things won’t make you happy, but understand that in order to find happiness outside, you have to first locate happiness inside.

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