What Our Parents and Teachers Never Told Us About Failure

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Remember the school days when exam results were about to be announced? That moment of deep anxiety when your heart started to beat faster? What exactly was the reason?

Fear of Failure

We all know it. It’s that haunting voice inside us that makes us doubt everything we do, and eventually stops us from taking that risky yet life-changing step.

But is ‘failure’ as harmful as we think?

Nothing Succeeds like Failure

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How did we learn to walk, catch a ball, ride a cycle or write in cursive English?

We didn’t know how to do them instinctively. We learned them, by making mistakes. By falling. By failing. Over and over again.

God forbid, if we were judged at that age, today we would be sitting at one gloomy corner of a room, doing nothing with our lives.

Fail Harder

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Wieden + Kennedy, one of the leading independent advertising agencies in the world has its whole philosophy based on failure.

Dan Wieden, the founder of the company, recalls the day he was kicked out of his job. Feeling ashamed, he went home and spoke to his wife. What she told changed his life forever.

“Well, something will turn up.”

Surprisingly, all it took was these five simple words to empower him; they gave him the permission to fail.

Take a look at this video:

Relax, it’s okay.

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There’s one thing we all need to keep reminding ourselves — It’s okay to fail.
That business idea didn’t work out? It’s okay.
Didn’t get into IIT? No big deal.
Got fired? The best day of your life.

Delve a little deeper and you’ll realize that ‘failure’ is nothing more than an idea we have invented. Then why get discouraged by it?

Congratulations on your failure.

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Here’s one simple way to look at failure:

What if there wasn’t a word called ‘Failure’? What would there be? Results. The results we wanted, and the ones we didn’t. Each result would simply take us a step closer to our goals.

Failure, simply put, is success at work. So let’s congratulate ourselves, fail harder and succeed.

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