Why do I wake up at 4 AM, every day.

A lot of my friends & Colleagues at work ask me often “why do I wake up every day at 4 am”.

My answer is simple : To conserve my attention & focus.

At 4 in morning, you have no one to disturb you.

  • No questions about the product.
  • No questions about the marketing plan.
  • No emails or calls from clients.
  • No WhatsApp or WhatsApp group messages.
  • No slack messages.

Conserving your attention and focus is as important as conserving your energy for the right things in life. It’s amongst the most valuable things in your life along with time, family and friends.

The 3 hours I work from 4 am until 7 am helps me complete most of my maker’s job and prepares me for my manager’s job during the rest of the day. By 7 I am also charged up for the day, ready to cook and spend some time with my wife and family.

I am also fully aware of what work needs to be completed for the day and how work has to be allocated.

And by the time I reach the office, I have overcome the inertia that most of the people suffer from, on reaching office. Waking up early is something everyone should try, if not forever, at least for a month or few days in a month.

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