Why Mornings Are Hell: The 7 Stages Of Getting Out Of Bed

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on January 30, 2016.

I’d rather be Sleeping Beauty than wake up to Prince Charming.

Whoever said it was easy to wake up in the morning was clearly lying. The supremely comfortable bed, the embrace of the tempting sheets, and the cloud-like goodness of the pillows — it’s a struggle getting away from these things. Waking up in the morning is personal hell for night owls, especially if they have to get to work.

If you’re a night owl, like me, you know the struggle and have probably experienced these 7 stages of getting out of bed every morning.

Stage 1: Denial

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The dastardly alarm goes off next to your ear and you know your enemy’s here to greet you. You consider smashing the alarm clock, but realize your cellphone’s too precious.

Stage 2: More Denial

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Your bed has never been more comfortable and you feel yourself getting sucked into the void of contentment. Your sheets can’t take their hands off of you and your pillows start acting like an overly attached girlfriend.

Stage 3: Anger

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You realize how much you hate mornings and you’re filled with a sudden wave of rage. Who wants to work on a Monday, right? Now, you have everything and everyone.

Stage 4: Bargaining

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You need to reach your workplace on time, but you want to sleep more. So you start bargaining with yourself and at this point, even five minutes makes a lot of difference. Maybe you can skip the makeup routine today.

Stage 5: Hope

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You’ve snoozed your alarm for the past half-hour and you know you’ll be late to work today. But maybe your boss won’t lose his temper when he sees you walk in late, right? He does like you and appreciates your hard work.

Stage 6: Depression

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The silver lining of waking up late doesn’t exist because you messed up at work last week. Taking leave may also end up with you living on the streets. You wonder if you should’ve not snoozed those 10 alarms.

Stage 7: Acceptance

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There’s nothing to do but accept the fact that it’s time to wake up, take a shower, and rush to work. You realize you can take a nap during your commute, but you’re surely going to miss your beckoning bed.

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