Why Taking Breaks Is Essential For Your Productivity

Originally published at lmt-lss.com on January 14, 2016.

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Taking breaks throughout the day can work wonders for your productivity.

Taking regular breaks throughout the day adds to your productivity. It gives your brain enough breathing time to hit the refresh button and work more efficiently. You feel energized, and it also makes room for new ideas in your mind.

Here are a few more reasons why taking breaks is essential to enhance your productivity:

1. It gives you time to relax.

Taking enough breaks throughout the day helps you unwind and relax. Even if you’re in the middle of a lot of work, taking some time off helps you focus better and finish your work faster. Breaks are even more important for sedentary workers as they provide them enough time to get up and roam around, preventing back problems that occur due to sitting in one place for hours together.

2. It makes room for new ideas.

Taking regular breaks empties your brain of stagnant ideas from your previous project and makes room for new ones. It provides the much-needed time off to your brain, and in the meanwhile accelerates your thought process. Instead of just having one plan, you start thinking about possible alternatives that can act as your backup plans in case your original plan fails.

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3. It inspires creativity.

Breaks give you enough time to think out of the box. The creative genius inside you just needs some time to blossom and explore new possibilities, and taking breaks allows that to happen. You start looking at things in a new light and approach them differently. Doing this increases your chances of cracking great ideas.

4. It helps you save time.

Though taking breaks looks like a waste of time, it actually helps you save a lot of time and effort. When you’re burnt out, for instance, you can’t get yourself to focus on work and as a result, feel stressed. On the other hand, when you take enough breaks and give yourself sufficient time to reboot, your productivity will increase.

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5. It gives you time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Since you save a lot of time, you get enough time to focus on your personal life. During your break time, you can either concentrate on yourself or finish those household chores that require your attention. It helps you strike the perfect work-life balance, hence boosting your productivity.

6. It keeps you stress-free.

When you’ve everything under control, you’re less likely to feel stressed out. When your stress levels are under check, there are fewer chances of having health issues. Breaks, therefore, not only help in accelerating your productivity but also ensures that you stay fit and stress-free.

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